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Creating Your Own Zen Space

As a full time mom (read 'Jane of All Trades' and attempting to master them all), it can sometimes get too much. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and everything that comes with it but sometimes I need some time to breathe and just gather my thoughts. I used to burn out so easily because I wasn't able to have some alone time to recuperate and re-energize before going about my daily routine. Sometimes we're so busy taking care of everything and everyone around us, we tend to forget to take the time to take care of ourselves. This is why I've made it a point to always have some 'Me-Time' because it's so very important to be able to just relax.
Initially I used to have to go out to find some peace of mind, but then I created my own zen space at home. A safe and sacred corner for me to think, meditate and just be. Now whenever I feel flustered and overwhelmed, I just take a time out and go to my little space to zen out. I think its so very important for everyone to have their own zen space, so I'm going to share how I created mine and how you can put yours together as well.
Firstly, you'll need to find a quiet corner or space in your home. It can be anywhere, as long as it allows you to be undisturbed. The idea is to see if the environment is one that relaxes you and helps you unwind. Now that you have your own space, you can add these elements to it (which I personally found helpful in my own space).
I have a huge futon and a bunch of throw pillows on it as I laze around attempting to recollect my thoughts. Some people opt for meditation and create an environment based on that (as I do when I meditate as well) but for just a space to calm my nerves, I like having a place that focuses on comfort.
Studies have shown that looking at nature and being init can help reduce stress. Plants are a great way to create that vibe and are aesthetically pleasing and also helps keep the air clean. If you'd like to keep the space cleaner and use the walls instead, a framed image or a decal would look great too.
Now that you've got your comfortable place to sit on and some beautiful features to look at, add some incense or essential oils such as lavender with properties that help with relaxation. If you aren't someone who likes complete silence, a water feature would be great or an easier alternative would be to put on a playlist of soft sounds of the rain or waves crashing —my personal favorites!
Light makes all the difference when setting the right mood. If you're reading a book or indulging in some art, you'd obviously need a brighter light setting. However if you're looking to just be in your own company then dim lights and some candles flickering would be a great touch.
How Pantone's Ultra Violet Is Being Used In Luxury Houses Around The World | Kismet Decals

How Pantone's Ultra Violet Is Being Used In Luxury Houses Around The World

Pantone colour of the year 2018 is Ultra Violet. When it comes to shades like violets and purples in home decor; you'll either love it or you'll never warm up to them. A reason for this is that violet and its related shades are not quite common and are pretty dramatic, especially in interior design. When designers do use violet, they do so subtly in patterns on fabrics, cushioning, flowing velvet drapes or as single purple chair in a living room. While many may think a deep violet is melancholy, it can also be playful in its references to science and space travel. For example, pair ultra violet with metallic to elicit a whimsical and celestial atmosphere. To show just how versatile and protean ultra violet is, let's take a look at how the color purple and its varying hues has been used to decorate some of the most beautiful rental homes around the world!


1. PARIS, FRANCE - Rue Paul Valéry, Paris

It is true that many of the homes in Paris have retained their centuries old character but even then, the homeowners have found a way to add in colored furniture and sparing touches to add in personality and a modern take for chic living.


2. PARIS -  Boulevard Raspail IV, Quartier Latin, Left Bank 

Modernize your classics by adding a touch of violet in your living space for a trivialize yet elegant and sophisticated touch.


3. PARIS - Rue de Chantilly, Montmartre Sacré-Coeur - South Pigalle, Right Bank 

Ultra violet is not only made to be used in main rooms of the house but also children's rooms! It's a modern trend and trust me when I tell you that your lovely kids will love this shade in their playrooms.


4. ROME, ITALY - Via della Scala, Trastevere-Gianicolo, Rome

As you can see from here, Ultra Violet furnitures can actually make a really huge statement! Especially when you fins a rug that is in a similar shade that will perfectly compliment everything.


5. ROME - Via dei Volsci, Monti-San Lorenzo, Rome

This is a quote by Eleonora Valle who says: 'Italy has produced some of the world's most accomplished creatives, and our homes in this region take care in celebrating the work of artist's past and present. Whether that's in an oil painting or a quirky take on garden steps, in Rome ultra violet is a color medium for artistic expression.'


6. LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Duncan Terrace, Islington, North London

The matching of the plush sofa and the majestic chandelier in differing grades of the colour purple works so perfectly well in this quaint English home.


7. LONDON -  Park Walk IV, Chelsea, London 

The color Ultra Violet is so daringly used here to cover the walls in this narrow dining hall which is beautifully complemented with gold accents for a whole regal look.


8. LONDON -  Priory Road, West Hampstead, London

A bold, velvet couch is the perfect statement piece for a home in the middle of an incredibly social and fashionable city like London where stylish meets comfort.


9. NEW YORK, UNITED STATES -  Park Avenue Mansion, Upper East Side, Manhattan

The quirky color combination of dark green and violet works perfectly in a lounge that is full of character for the bold and audacious! 


10. NEW YORK - Finn Place II, Tribeca, New York

What a better way to stand out than to add a dramatic flare by using unusual colored tiles for your lovely bathroom while also incorporating an intricate design? A bathroom, which in most cases is left stark and white, can be instantly sublimed with a bold tile and color accents!






























How To Match Your Flowers With Vases | Kismet Decals

How To Match Your Flowers With Vases

So you just got yourself a fresh bouquet of gorgeous flower arrangement from the farmer's market, only to come home and place it in a vase that doesn't do it justice at all! While it's fun to pair, mix and match different types and colors of blooms to suit your taste and liking, the real deal come from the vases and containers that the bouquets will be living in. I've recently read up on how certain blooms pair best with certain vases (safe to say that I've experienced the struggle too) and here's the matches that works best together! So the next time you take home one, you'll know precisely the perfect way to showcase it.



Mason Jars

A mason jar is a simple and quirky way to showcase the bold and cheerful sunflower! Plus you can even decorate your mason jars beforehand for a flair of creativity!


Tall Cylinder

If you're a sunflower lover, you'll know that actual sunflowers are known to grow up to 12 feet tall! So using a tall vase not only shows how stunning they are but also ensures that they won't topple over.


Galvanized Pot

These containers give it the perfect rusty feel which pairs nicely with the carefree, laid back sunflower. If you're looking for farmhouse cottage vibes then this pairing is definitely for you!



Fit and Flare

The fit and flare is the best vase to stylishly show off a slightly fuller rose bouquet. Works best with different coloured roses!


Trumpet vase

Roses are definitely statement flowers, so pair it with elegant shapes like the trumpet to up the luxe and wow factor.


Vintage Cut

Nothing shows off the timeless grace of roses more than an old fashioned vintage vase that you've uncovered from the basement.



Bubble Vase

Carnations are perfect for a small bubble bowl for its short and sturdy stems that can be cut to any length without harming them!


Short Cylinder

There's only one lone carnation here but a short vase actually adds more control to a larger bouquet of carnations.


Vintage Patterned Vases

It's a quirky match of the retro carnations with a beautifully patterned vase.



Square Vase

The square vase is the perfect vase for lilies to blossom into a full bouquet that is sure to intrigued your guests.


Tall Slender Vase

Lilies are known to require fresh water daily and a tall and slender vase allows for easy refills and less spillage.


Bubble Vase

For those of you who prefers or have a smaller bouquet, this vase is perfect and looks super cute for the full blooms!


5. Orchids

Square Vase

A tall square vase will show off the elegant stems of your fresh orchids!


Oval Round Vase

The rounded shape at the bottom of the vase encourages the elegant curve of an orchid stem.


Bud Vase

By placing these stunning flowers inside a small, slim vase, the flowers do all the talking!




















































Surprise Mum With The Ultimate Breakfast! - Any Time, Any Where! | Kismet Decals

Surprise Mum With The Ultimate Breakfast! - Any Time, Any Where!

Yes, Mother's Day is over. So what! This magnificent lady in our lives, called 'mother' needs to be cherished, delighted and cared for, the whole year through - for she surely deserve it! 

Honestly speaking, what a Mum really wants for Mother's Day, or for her birthday,  or for any other special day dedicated for her, is definitely a morning off! So what is sweeter than to start off a day for her with a scrumptious breakfast-in-bed surprise!

Well, but make sure you do that after letting her sleep in obviously! You don't want her being cranky the whole day haha!

And trust me, she will never see it coming because imagine how delightful it is to wake up to the smell of freshly cooked bacon and eggs with gingerbread french toast, a towering plate of the softest and fluffiest pancakes and also a steaming hot cup of her favorite coffee, tea or juice.


Okay boys and girls, here's the step-by-step tutorial. Who's ready?


STEP 1 : Get Yourself A Lovely Tray

The best thing is that you can even DIY a special tray yourself which makes it even cuter! For example, you can use an unused wooden crate box.

Or an old suitcase box and line it up with wallpaper and wrapping paper scraps.




The food, is no doubt the most important part of the ordeal.


Pancakes For The Soul

Get the full recipe here!


Creamy Italian Baked Eggs



The Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

The most delicious thing ever. Soft boiled eggs on avocado toast!

Soft boiled eggs are also a plus point as you can transport it in adorable little cups.


Beautiful Yoghurt Parfait With Granola

Not only are they pleasing to the eyes, but they taste as good as they look too! Head on over here for the recipe!



The Perfect Cocktail

Give your mum a little pick me up with this low-alcohol cocktail!


Smoothie Of The Day

 The perfect boost for the strongest woman in your life.


Tea With A Queen's Teacup

Another great idea is to serve tea in a tea cup that doubles as a gift!

 And the same goes to the tea pots!




Especially Pretty Vases That She Can Keep Her Flowers In


Paper Flowers

If you're on a budget you can try your hand at these paper flower crafts! The best thing is that they last forever just like your mother's love for you.


And it's done! The good news is that no matter how it looks like or how everything tastes, it's the thought that counts and your Mother will surely be glad for the effort that you've put in for her.



Easter's Almost Here! Let's Get Our Egg On! | Kismet Decals

Easter's Almost Here! Let's Get Our Egg On!

Easter is one of those cozy, mellow and wondrous spring-like holidays. It's the time to welcome spring, the energy that brings forth new growth and also a time of birth and new beginnings, into your home! As Easter Sunday is approaching, I’ve been looking into different ideas to get my house ready too and you would definitely want to get ready for the celebration and for me this year, I've decided to throw a huge Easter party for my kids and their little buddies, and also for my special loved ones.

Easter bunnies (my kids and I especially love Peter Rabbit!) and cute coloured eggs are well known symbol of Easter. The good part about Easter Decor is that it can serve in seasonal and everyday decor even after the holiday is over. Bright colours will add pretty spring panache to your home. For instance, charming bright tableware and floral table centerpieces with soft pastel shades are just right for spring seasonal home decor but can also add to the Easter vibe!

Easter bunnies and chicks coupled with a plate or basket of colourful eggs can serve as the center of attention. The universal symbol of Easter; Spring coloured eggs are served as a main home decor, fortunately; there are endless ways and tons of different materials that you can use to make a gorgeous custom party for your loved ones.



For a more intricate Easter home decor, Spring coloured wreath with eggs can be used for your door or mantel. Greet your special guests with this graceful spring-inspired Easter wreath made of faux moss and dainty soft coloured flowers! Finish it off by tying on a pretty floral ribbon of your choice.

Beautiful Easter decor ideas are so many, they should make you glow with happiness not only on the inside but also on the outside!



Now THIS is a really cool and cute way to decorate the center of your dining table and get conversations starting, I mean who else adds carrots into their flower arrangements am I right?! And it's super easy! All you have to do is make a trip to your farmers' market and get yourself a dozen bright orange carrots, some large orange coloured flowers and also some dainty ones. It doesn't have to be all in orange so if you want to incorporate some other colours in you can definitely do it! Also get some extra greenery to fill out your arrangement. 



If you're a minimalist chic and is not into pastels and bunnies for your Easter decor then try out these planted egg succulents! Now I know what you're thinking, "but I don't have a green thumb!" because that was exactly the first thought that came into my mind but no worries because succulents are the hardest plants to kill so don't fret!

Decorate your eggs first and let it sit to dry because it is definitely easier than trying to draw on empty fragile eggshells. Since eggs are naturally brown, using white paint will really make it pop! If you've got white eggs, opt for black pen art for a more minimalistic feel. Drawings that I feel are really cute on the eggs will be dots of various sizes, thin lines and also swirly patterns! 



Instead of spending a ton of money for a bunch of fake vegetables, get your creative juices flowing and make your own! This table setting is so charming and quirky I think I might just do this for my Easter party to wow my guests!

Check out the whole DIY Project here!



While the adults are having a grand time inside the cosy house, don't forget about the kids! This year I'll be setting up a picnic-like table setting on the open space of my garden. It is usually an excellent place to hang out with your family and friends while enjoying this promising day. Applying your colourful themed table decorations for Easter also becomes easy when you have more space and the addition of the beauty of nature! 

An eye-popping Easter table spread will delight the young and even the old! To adorn your Easter table, hang Easter bunny garlands along the walls, or if you’re having an outdoor celebration, between trees. Place little coloured quirky chicks or bunnies amongst the food, fill brightly coloured drinking jars for guests (try making your own Pink Lemonade!) , scatter a colourful mix of chocolate Easter eggs for a sweet starter and lay out your themed napkins, plates and crackers for everyone!

Happy Easter everyone!



March 21, 2018 — Di Kismet
Easy DIY Decor Projects For Girls | Kismet Decals

Easy DIY Decor Projects For Girls

When it comes to home decor, the options are endless and of course, depends on what your personal preference is. Trends always pop up and leave which is why spending on decor can be quite expensive in the long run. However the thirst and need for an aesthetically pleasing space is so very appealing, especially for girls who want to up their social media pictures game. It is intact a reality and it can't be denied how important having a place that looks good, can make one feel good too. Fret not if you're on a budget because these easy DIY decor projects will upgrade your aesthetic game without leaving a dent in your wallet!





Plants can really light up any room, but some of us aren't very blessed with a green thumb and plants more often than not die in our care. The usual alternative to this is using faux plants but how about taking it up a notch with something a bit more personal and handmade? This idea of a potted rock cactus plant is adorable! All you need to do is get some smooth rocks and paint them in shades of green or any other colour you'd like, then add cactus-like details on them such as thorns and mini flowers. It's cute, crafty and make great gifts too!





As girls, we often collect a lot of small things. In fact we need these basic things such as bobby pins, hair ties, and so on. Mason jars are a great way to store these things effectively while making them look neat. Take it a step further by using plastic animals on the jar lid and spray paint them a metallic hue so they look like chic designer jars. It's so simple and truly makes a huge impact!  





Weaving a dreamcatcher can be difficult as it requires some level of skills and patience, but this easy tassel hanger makes equally an amazing impact but saves up on time and effort! Tassels are fairly easy to make and require almost no skill, but they are trendy and look amazing hanging from the hoop as shown above. Definitely a must have for those looking for a creative wall hanger, and the best part of all, it can be customised to suit whatever colour swatch you like.





Spray paint is a crafter's saviour! With its many different colours to pick and choose from, its easy to transform normal every day items into pieces of art. With the consistency of being able to work with plastic. metals and other materials, as well as play around with tones as each coating of spray paint creates a different shade, I truly love that it's easy to create decor pieces like those plastic pineapples from a thrift shop shown above.





Washi tape is another one of those craft items that are really versatile. You can create so many different styles of items by just wrapping the tape around them or even create wall murals like these mountains by cutting pasting them on the wall.  

The Secret to Walls for Storage! | Kismet Decals

The Secret to Walls for Storage!

There is a quote in the interior design world that says 'Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space.' And with that in mind, I began to reminisce about the days where I used to live in a one bedroom apartment. I've always had a knack for designing spaces, - mostly on a budget.

With the cost of living constantly on the rise, now more than ever, people are living in spaces of a smaller scale. That doesn't mean you have to live with minimal possessions. With the right solutions added to your own space, you can have the world at your fingertips in the most organised possible ways. Here are just a few ideas I think will help you organise your space tremendously. And I'm talking about functionality, aesthetically and emotionally. The solution is pretty simple:


Images from Skona Hem, via French by DesignNordic Bliss &  La Maison d'Anna G

Wall spaces should never go to waste if you're working with a small space. Wall shelves are the best way for one to maximise space whilst storing and displaying items in the home. These shelves come in all sorts of sizes and colours suited to your preference. They are also affordable. You can use a whole wall or place them on a desk or dresser. 


Images by Ingrid Weir, & Houzz

All you need is a hammer and a bunch of nails to set the spots. The rest is all up to you. This functionally aesthetic idea is great for all corners of your home: bathrooms, kitchens, bedroom closets and more. Carefully nail the wall for your hooks. Or if you are feeling lazy, there are hooks with built-in tape so you can just seal it to the wall! You can hang many things, starting from your coats, pans, to mugs and bags! If you are feeling a little bit extra, you can always add on container baskets where you can fill and hang many more other miscellaneous objects you have laying around the house!


Image by Felbyen, Decorusa, Alex Carpenter & Tiny House Tiny Foot Print

Watch your head because it is another wall shelf hack! Although this time you make sure that you place it above your head, and closer to the ceiling. This way, it is out of people’s eye-view. Solely for the things that you possibly wish to hide but also at the same time, you can get away with people thinking you have put in the extra mile to make your small space looking tidy!

 These are just three ideas and tips to help you organise your space. No matter the size, there's always room for design! 

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Fiesta! | Kismet Decals

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Fiesta!

What happens when the worlds of Italian high fashion and design merge? Dolce & Gabbana and SMEG have answered that for you. Sicily Is My Love is a unique creation of unique hand painted appliances such as toasters, citrus juicers, coffee machines, kettles, blenders, stand mixers and slow juicers. Cooking up your dream kitchen already?

These eye-catching designs are reflective interpretations of Sicilian Folklore: lemons, prickly pears, bright red cherries and acanthus leaves are just some of the selected Sicilian decorations that are framed in triangular motifs known as crocchi.

Together with crocchi, delicate floral motifs cover these appliances beautifully and images of the enthralling Mount Etna are painted unto these surfaces. All these themes and decorative symbols are tied to Sicily and the important aspects of the aesthetic of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Now, this isn’t the first time the fashion powerhouse has worked with SMEG. Last year, we saw 100 personalised, jaw-droopingly gorgeous refrigerators created by the duo. Each fridge was only one-of-a-kind and costs you a whopping $46,000, including delivery and installation. A one-of-a-kind price tag for a one-of-a-kind fridge.

I’d love to have me a Dolce & Gabbana-SMEG appliance standing out in my kitchen, but what if I tell you, you can have your own personalised appliance in your home - without breaking the bank? You’re going to need to put some elbow into it, but hey! This can work as a profoundly creative and passionate project for you and the family. Or, maybe just you? Who cares?

You’re going to save thousands of dollars by painting your perfectly good appliances. Say goodbye to monotony and hello FIESTA! Who says art needs to stay inside a frame anyway?

Safety First

So, you’ve made up your mind about your kitchen’s new look. Before you begin any part of the process, remember to unplug and keep them away from the wall. Always clean your appliances beforehand to remove grime and other residue. Do not skip this step! I mean, you want your paint to adhere to the item, right?

Get Your Paint On

It depends on how far you’d like to take your revamping. If its just a touch-up, then you only need a small bottle of specialised paint. For complete coverage, you’ll probably need an entire quart - this also depends on how large the surfaces you’re working on.Choose paints appropriate to your project. Chalkboard paint is a great option if you write your memos on the fridge.

Time Savers

Similarly, you can personalise your old or brand new kitchen appliance, big or small in a timely manner. How? Decals of course! Just think of all the fab ideas Kismet can help you whip up!