Frequently Asked Questions

What size decals should I choose?

Using our Augmented Reality Preview, you can view our medium roll size stickers. If you want something smaller choose, Small Size. If you want something bigger, choose Large Size. All dimensions are provided in the description and can serve as a relative guide to the the exact sticker that you need.

What are your decals made of?

At Kismet Decals, we believe in quality. Our decals are cut from matte-finished, premium quality, Oracal and 3M vinyl. Oracal and 3M are world leaders in manufacturing durable, long lasting, and highly adhesive vinyl. When purchasing from us, you can trust that we never compromise on quality.

Will the wall decals stick to my walls?

Yes! Our vinyl wall decals stick to any non-porous paint, metal, wood, glass, ceramic, tile, and plastic surfaces. As long as your selected surface is smooth, flat, and grease-free, our stickers can easily be applied. It is not recommended to apply our decals onto bricks, stones, unfinished wood surfaces, rough-textured porous surfaces, freshly painted, and wet, oily, or any uneven surfaces. Be sure to clean the surface and wipe it down with a dry cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or cobwebs.

If you are looking at alternative places to apply our decals, channel your creative side and stick them on mirrors, sliding doors, fridge doors, wooden furniture, or anywhere that is dry, smooth and flat!
For those with newly painted walls, we recommend allowing the paint to dry off completely for 2-3 weeks before applying our wall decals.

Are your wall decals reusable?

Unfortunately, our wall decals are not reusable. Our decals are made of vinyl, and they are designed to take the shape of your wall for a more natural look, and to perfectly complement the painted surface. Hence, they will be deformed once removed.

I'm looking for wall decals in a smaller/bigger size. Do you customize designs for specific sizes?

Yes, we welcome all enquiries about customizing our available designs, and even designs of your own. Just let us know your request, and we will get back to you soonest possible on the possibilities.