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Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot Explains Diana Prince’s Transformation in the Sequel

Casting Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was undoubtedly the right choice. Her character has become iconic. In her return as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984, the first reactions to the film were very positive and convincing, giving fans something to look forward to yet again. The first installment introduced Diana during World War I, while the anticipated sequel shall witness her in the year 1984, adapted to living in the retro world of men, away from Themyscira. 

In a recent interview with Gal Gadot ahead of the Christmas Release, the actress explained how Diana undergoes a transformation in the sequel, especially in having to cope without her Amazonian family, and being influenced by the lifestyle of the man’s world.

Gadot talked about how Diana discovered her powers in the first film and became Wonder Woman, and how at the time, she was merely an observer of humanity from the outside, strongly opinionated and expressive about what she thought was right. However, in the sequel and according to Gadot, Diana has a much better understanding of the complexities of mankind as she has lived among them for decades. The film explores Diana at a more personal level, showing that although she is pretty much invincible and super powerful, she suffers the same emotional challenges and vulnerability of any other human, especially because of having to live alone and without aging a day in decades. 

"I think that it was a very good decision that Patty, Geoff Johns, and Dave Callaham made with the script. And, it was delightful to play. I love strong, powerful women, and I love to play them and to see them on screen, but there is something more interesting to me to show the flaws, the imperfections, and the vulnerabilities. This is something that I always look into doing when I portray Wonder Woman," said Gadot.

During the interview, WW84 director Patty Jenkins also spoke of how she wanted the superhero to resonate with the audience. Jenkins told the press that even Diana, Wonder Woman, made and makes the same mistakes like any other human being. She mentioned that there are things that we desire so badly especially when we can’t get over grief, or when we are unable to accept things that are happening in our lives. Jenkins emphasized that she particularly likes the fact that Wonder Woman faces the same challenges and has a similar journey as the villain in the film.

Wonder Woman 1984, starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord, and Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva, will have it’s theatrical release on the 16th of December 2020, and make its way to HBO Max on December 25 in 4K Ultra HD. Don’t miss it!
December 15, 2020 — Di Kismet
Wonder Woman 1984: Post-Credits Scene Confirmed! | Kismet Decals

Wonder Woman 1984: Post-Credits Scene Confirmed!

Redemption in the form of a Christmas Release of Wonder Woman 1984. That’s the good news we have for this month. Last week we were delighted by the news of high-quality streaming for the movie that will be available in 4K Ultra HD on December 25, exclusively on HBO Max. This week, director Patty Jenkins confirmed that there will be additional scenes following the end credit of the film.

In a recent podcast interview with Reelblend, Jenkins, when asked whether WW84 will have a post-credits scene, answered “Yes.” This shall be something new that the team is bringing to the film as 2017’s Wonder Woman did not have anything similar to it. The fans did not hear about this earlier as the previous version of the film which was shown to critics for reviews, did not include the post-credit scene.

Jenkins assured that the additional scene is something special for the audience, and revealing it beforehand will kill the fun. If you don’t plan to watch WW84 at your local cinema, fret not, the scene will also be available on stream for those who plan to watch the movie on HBO Max.

We haven’t the faintest clue about what the scene might be about, however, based on her previous stance on DC Comics crossovers, as well as a potential Wonder Woman spinoff focusing on the hidden island of Themyscira’s Amazonians, we expect Jenkins to not feature any other superhero, and maybe hint something about Wonder Woman 3. We hope we’re wrong though. It would be awesome to see a crossover, especially with Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

So, be sure to save the date, as Wonder Woman 1984 will be available for your viewing pleasure in less than 14 days from now!

December 14, 2020 — Di Kismet
New Wonder Woman 1984 Footage Revealed Ahead of December Release | Kismet Decals

New Wonder Woman 1984 Footage Revealed Ahead of December Release

Wonder Woman 1984, like any of the other highly-anticipated films of the year 2020, has undergone a few inevitable delays pertaining to its release date. Initially scheduled to hit the theatres in December 2019, the film was then pushed back to summer 2020 before it was caught up in a few more delays afterwards. Things have been tough for the film industry during this pandemic. However, the wait is almost over as this will be the only superhero movie that survives the year, and will finally show on HBO Max on December 25, 2020, in the USA, and in cinemas worldwide from December 16 onwards. Hurray!

While waiting for the Christmas Release to come, Warner Bros. has dropped two of its never-seen-before teasers of Wonder Woman 84 to keep us company. The first one, released on November 19, witnesses a young Diana (Lilly Aspell) in Themyscira, and the Amazons participating in an intense sport. We are also treated to a lot of Diana (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor’s (Chris Pine) scenes together, apart from Diana’s Golden Lasso-swinging shots showing off Wonder Woman in her stunning, brand new Golden Eagle Armor.



The second footage showcases more action-packed scenes from the movie, lending the spotlight to Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, as well as unravelling a new look at the fight scenes between Diana and Barbara. A treat for the Star Wars fans, be sure to witness our beloved Mando as Maxwell Lord, one of the two main villains in the sequel. 



 From what we have seen in the clips, Wonder Woman 1984 looks promising as it presents applaudable action sequences coupled with a solid plotline, which gives us a load more of confidence in the DCEU film. We all remember what happened to some of the previous DC films. 

Director Patty Jenkins revealed in a recent interview with Total Film, asking her about the possibility of a Wonder Woman 3, that the plotline for another potential sequel came from their state of mind six months ago, but everything has come to a halt for now. “I’ve really hit the pause button, because the truth is, where that plotline was coming from was our state of being six months ago. And so I want to make sure that I’m totally absorbing whatever the result of this pandemic is," Jenkins said. There has also been talks about an Amazonian spin-off, but I guess we’ll have to wait till the pandemic is over (or under control) before we hear any good news.

That being said, it might take us a while before we get to see Diana again after the release of WW84, but not all is lost because we have other DCEU films in the making as well, and next on the must-watch list is redemption in the form of Zack Snyder's Justice League.
December 14, 2020 — Di Kismet
Wonder Woman 1984 Targeted to be a TV Experience Like No Other | Kismet Decals

Wonder Woman 1984 Targeted to be a TV Experience Like No Other

Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Eagle Armor

As the anticipation skyrockets, HBO Max is making every right move to ensure that your at-home Wonder Woman 1984 viewing is being delivered in the best theatrical experience possible. What makes it even more interesting is that this DCEU’s sequel to Wonder Woman (2017) will be the first film to be featured in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. You really shouldn’t miss this!

The good news was announced by the director of WW84 herself on December 2 2020 via Twitter. Patty Jenkins said in a tweet,“…WW84 will be the first film on HBO Max available in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision AND Dolby Atmos! Can’t wait. IN THEATERS on Dec. 25th and exclusively streaming in the US on @hbomax. PLEASE find the biggest and highest quality screen you can!!”

The thrill doesn’t end there as a recent press release by WarnerMedia also revealed that the high-fidelity formats will be supported on devices such as Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Amazon Fire TV Cube and 4K Fire TV Edition smart TVs, Chromecast Ultra, AT&T TV, as well as other supported Android TV devices. When asked specifically whether the movie will be made available on game consoles, WarnerMedia’s spokesperson affirmed that only the listed devices will be able to stream the film, which hints that WW84 will not be available on game consoles such as PS5 as of now. 

Either way, Wonder Woman 1984 will make its way (in a high-fidelity cinema experience) to HBO Max on December 25, 2020 - a worthy Christmas gift - in the USA, and will be premiering in theatres worldwide from December 16 onwards. This one and only superhero film that survived the year reunites director Patty Jenkins with the film stars Gal Gadot who resumes the role of Diana Prince, and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Joining the big names as the iconic villains to Wonder Woman will be Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord, and Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva aka Cheetah.


Check out the official main trailer:

December 08, 2020 — Di Kismet
5 Ways to Utilize Your Spare Room | Kismet Decals

5 Ways to Utilize Your Spare Room

Ideas and inspirations to utilize your spare room at home effectively.
"It's Kismet!" Announcing: Collaboration with Ploypisut | Kismet Decals

"It's Kismet!" Announcing: Collaboration with Ploypisut

It's party time (again) at the Kismet Decals studio because we have a brand new artist on board the KD-collab train! Welcome, Ploypisut, to the wonderful world of wall decals :)

 Ploypisut (pronounced Poy-pi-sud) hails from the colorful and vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. She is a freelance illustrator and surface designer, sharing her wonderful work on Instagram.

She received her BFA in Communication Design and worked in graphic design, before becoming a freelancer. She mostly uses watercolor as a medium and sometimes uses watercolor combined with gouache.

Her watercolor paintings are inspired from nature, botanical elements and wildlife creatures. She also draws inspiration from Asian folk art.

I'm finding it very relaxing, looking at her illustrations - something fit for slow-living magazines (looking at you, Flow Magazine).

Shop Ploypisut

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8 Ways To Prepare For Spring Cleaning | Kismet Decals

8 Ways To Prepare For Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming! Flowers will bloom, the sun will shine, the temperature will be perfect, heaps of fresh breeze all day is imminent, and the house needs cleaning *crowd boos*. Although hey, spring cleaning is not always as dreadful as we think it is. All we need is a little time in advance to prepare. Here are 8 ways to prepare for spring cleaning.

1. Personal Preparation

This is probably the hardest one, and it will take a few weeks of mental preparation. It helps if you imagine yourself going through the transition of getting a home that is clean and fresh, perfect to start of springtime. Mark dates on your calendar and try to commit to them. The rest of the steps below will help you prepare yourself better. 

2. Lists for the Pros

Make lists of the things you want to do. These lists should help you decide what needs cleaning, what will be moved around, what supplies to get, and the priority order of your spring cleaning madness. Take a walk around your home and then decide what gets on the lists. Remember to be realistic the items you list down.

3. Appointments and Reservations

First appointment to set will be with thyself as mentioned in point 1. Be firm about when you plan to start your spring cleaning and clear out your schedule. Next, make the necessary reservations with other parties involved; your carpet cleaners, other professional cleaners, and family or friends who are going to help you with the cleaning. Make them a delicious dinner as thank you.

4. Getting Supplies

It doesn’t matter what items are on the list, everybody loves shopping. Let’s call this our favorite part of the process. This will require a list that will take some time and attention because you are bound to miss a couple of things, and you don’t want to make multiple runs to the store and ruin the mood. Here’s a list from Merry Maids to help you get started. Don’t forget to get grease and other items that might need replacement like your lightbulbs, air fresheners, etc.

5. Playlist for Playtime

“Music makes the world go round” - Hamilton Brothers. Music also helps turn a boring spring cleaning session into a solo dance competition where you always win the grand prize of a fresh and clean home. Or you can opt to go into zen cleaning mode where you put on classical music and use cleaning as a therapy. Doesn’t matter what you choose, just make sure you have your playlist ready!

6. Decluttering will “Spark Joy”

To get a better picture of what you are going to be dealing with during spring cleaning, you need to first get rid of the unnecessary stuff. An awesome way to learn how to declutter is through Marie Kondo’s KonMari methodology. If you have never heard of it, take some time to check it out on the KonMari website. Pace yourself when you start decluttering because it can get overwhelming. Take a couple of weeks to slowly move to each spot in your home and declutter. Be sure to also throw out old food from the fridge and kitchen, and to box up and giveaway unused clothes or items. It will make a world of difference when you start your spring cleaning.

7. Manage Your Expectations

This is one of the key preparations. It’s good to have a vision and goal of what post-cleaning looks like, but it’s also very important to manage your expectations. A sparkling home with perfectly aligned furniture, dust-free, no fingerprints on the mirrors and glass items, spotless kitchen; these are what dreams are made of for homeowners. However, with a house full of people and children, it may not be realistic. Personally I’d rather have a home that’s alive than a sparkly one. The important thing is that by the end, the house is clean, safe, and comfortable, and you still have your sanity. 

8. Game Time

Draw up a Simple Plan. It doesn’t have to be Perfect. *ba dum tss* . It just needs to show the priority order of your cleaning process. Always clean from the top down, so you can start with the fans, lights, and ceiling, moving on to the walls, and then the furniture, and to the carpets, and finally the sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. By following this order, you are more likely to cover all areas and have a better view of what the house would look like as you finish stage by stage.

Good luck!

March 29, 2019 — Azaad Mohamed Ummar
6 Inexpensive Indoor Plants For Your Home | Kismet Decals

6 Inexpensive Indoor Plants For Your Home

Need your home to come alive? Get indoor plants; because you know..they’re actually alive. As the home decor trends of 2019 expects homeowners to be more in touch with mother nature, we recommend that every homeowner spruce up their home with indoor plants! Most indoor plants are really easy to maintain, fun to have at home, and they enhance your living space by bringing lush greenery that calms the soul, and doubling as natural air purifiers. Here are 6 indoor plants that look good, and are relatively easy to maintain:

1. Aloe, Vera You Taking Me?

Taking you home of course! Requiring minimal maintenance, aloe veras are one of the favorites and fairly easy to grow. They only need constant sunlight, and a little bit of water from time to time. Aloe veras are able to absorb benzene and formaldehyde in the air which are byproducts of chemical based cleaners or paints, etc., making them great natural air purifiers. That’s not even the best part. The gel inside aloe vera leaves contain antioxidants, antibacterial properties, vitamins and minerals. You can actually harvest your own gel and use it to consume, or for a nice cooling facial night. Read more about the benefits of aloe vera on Medical News Today. A point to note is that aloes can grow pretty big. Each leaf can grow to as long as 19 inches so they will have to be repotted from time to time.

2. Show me the Pothos

Pothos, or more commonly known as the Money Plant, unfortunately cannot be used as actual cash transaction, but is one of the more popular indoor plants. Homeowners have Pothos plants inside and outside their homes, and it works either way, but with different slightly maintenance habits. They come with a variety of leaf patterns and colours, and they are trailers (or some call it creepers) by nature. Extremely easy to maintain and care for, Pothos plants require water only 7-10 days once depending on the temperature and humidity, and require minimal sunlight. They can be kept indoors with low to medium light, and the leaves will get lighter in colour with more light exposure. A very versatile plant, you can have them hanging or even in a pot on the ground with an upward stem, and they grow pretty quickly. If you need more Pothos, just cut a stem off, introduce a new pot with earth and some water, and the plant will be well on it’s way to flourish.

3. Peace Be Upon You

Studies show that a Peace Lily plant can purify the air by up to 60%. If that is not a good enough reason to have them in your home, here’s one more; they also absorb mold spores and help deter mildew in wet areas of the house such as the bathroom and kitchen. Also an easy-maintenance plant, Peace Lilies only need to be watered about once a week, and don’t usually require any fertilization. Similar to Pothos, they thrive on low to medium sunlight, and with more sunlight comes more bloom to the flowers. White flowers are a great colour contra to the dark green leaves, while remaining minimalistic. Be wary that Peace Lilies will outgrow their pots and require repotting or dividing.

4. Ten Points to House Slytherin!

The Snake Plant, also known as Mother-In-Law’s tongue (I did not come up with that), is another easy to grow indoor plant. Similar to others in this list, it requires very minimal sunlight and need only be watered when the soil is completely dry. That’s probably once a week on a really hot day, and very much less during colder seasons. The leaves of a Snake Plant can grow pretty big, up to about 4 feet long and 2.5 inches wide, so make sure enough space is allocated. A fun fact; they are native to Africa and Brazil, and in Africa, Snake Plants are used for fibre production. You can’t harvest Snake Plants from home, but they are listed as one of the best oxygen producing and carbon dioxide absorbing plants. Other chemically produced pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene are also absorbed by this plant.  

5. We Got This Fig-ured Out


The first thing I thought when I saw a Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree was, “wow it looks great!” An awesome accessory to interior design, you will find Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees in magazines, blogs, etc.. as indoor plants. The trees grow to be nicely sculptured, the leaves have an interesting design, and they aren’t overwhelming as indoor plants. Pretty easy to care for, Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees require more sunlight than most of the plants on this list because it is a tropical tree, so placing it in a corner where the sun hits on a daily basis is advisable. Watering the plant is only required when the soil is completely dry. I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s called a tree and not a plant, so it will grow big. They can live up to between 25 and 50 years, and if maintained properly as indoor plants, the growth can be capped at about 2 metres. Moving them outside to the ground will allow them to grow up to 15 metres tall. Yup.

6. Roses are Red, African Violets You Should Get

Finally some colour! Aside from the fact that African Violets are beautiful and a great colour addition to your other indoor plants, they are believed to be natural energy cleansers. African Violets are very closely associated with chakras and energies, and there are many testimonials available online from homeowners and zen gurus who vouch for this plant. It is also said that gazing at the plant helps stimulate adrenaline and improve oxygen flow in the brain. In terms of maintenance, they are similar to the other plants above; requiring minimal sunlight and water only when the soil is dry. Over-watering can kill the plant, so be careful. As a flowery bonus, African Violets bloom all year round!

Bonus: Cactus Terrarium

There’s been a recent craze for Cactuses, and people have taken it seriously enough to build their own terrarium of cacti. They are little to no maintenance, space saving, and incredibly fun. Handling and maintaining your terrarium can be a major stress reliever, and the plants themselves provide the benefit of purifying and humidifying the air. Do not however be mistaken, because having terrariums at home isn’t a new trend. It’s been in homes since the 1970s, but as all classic things, it has made a comeback. You can visit CactiGuide to learn more about setting up a Cactus Terrarium.

March 26, 2019 — Azaad Mohamed Ummar
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