About Us


Kismet Decals was founded by Joachim and Diane with a focus on producing interior decorative wall art. It was created with purpose of bringing Art to your living space. We want to provide wall-friendly stickers for you to personalize your life. We proudly offer our very own line of in-house designed stickers and a curated collection of artwork through a special collaboration with independent illustrators.

At Kismet Decals, we strongly believe that well-designed art does not need to be expensive to be appreciated. Here, we strive to produce affordable art for everyone to enjoy. Our mission is to help make life beautiful by providing an affordable alternative to create an artistic, sophisticated, and beautiful living space.

The idea for Kismet Decals materialized when we realized that our walls could use a little freshening up, and the best way to do it was with removable wall stickers. Since people change their taste and mood from time to time, we figured that removable wall-friendly stickers are the best way to go about decorating their home or office space. We believe in the positive effects of being surrounded by feel-good art and that is exactly what we strive to provide through Kismet Decals.

Our team is small (and slowly growing) but hardworking and committed to deliver high-quality wall stickers because we know the joy of receiving exactly what we ordered online.

Bottom line, we consider your home as your sanctuary. We want you to create the perfect space to where you can retreat after a busy day. We want to be part of your solution, so choose us!