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Easy DIY Decor Projects For Girls

When it comes to home decor, the options are endless and of course, depends on what your personal preference is. Trends always pop up and leave which is why spending on decor can be quite expensive in the long run. However the thirst and need for an aesthetically pleasing space is so very appealing, especially for girls who want to up their social media pictures game. It is intact a reality and it can't be denied how important having a place that looks good, can make one feel good too. Fret not if you're on a budget because these easy DIY decor projects will upgrade your aesthetic game without leaving a dent in your wallet!





Plants can really light up any room, but some of us aren't very blessed with a green thumb and plants more often than not die in our care. The usual alternative to this is using faux plants but how about taking it up a notch with something a bit more personal and handmade? This idea of a potted rock cactus plant is adorable! All you need to do is get some smooth rocks and paint them in shades of green or any other colour you'd like, then add cactus-like details on them such as thorns and mini flowers. It's cute, crafty and make great gifts too!





As girls, we often collect a lot of small things. In fact we need these basic things such as bobby pins, hair ties, and so on. Mason jars are a great way to store these things effectively while making them look neat. Take it a step further by using plastic animals on the jar lid and spray paint them a metallic hue so they look like chic designer jars. It's so simple and truly makes a huge impact!  





Weaving a dreamcatcher can be difficult as it requires some level of skills and patience, but this easy tassel hanger makes equally an amazing impact but saves up on time and effort! Tassels are fairly easy to make and require almost no skill, but they are trendy and look amazing hanging from the hoop as shown above. Definitely a must have for those looking for a creative wall hanger, and the best part of all, it can be customised to suit whatever colour swatch you like.





Spray paint is a crafter's saviour! With its many different colours to pick and choose from, its easy to transform normal every day items into pieces of art. With the consistency of being able to work with plastic. metals and other materials, as well as play around with tones as each coating of spray paint creates a different shade, I truly love that it's easy to create decor pieces like those plastic pineapples from a thrift shop shown above.





Washi tape is another one of those craft items that are really versatile. You can create so many different styles of items by just wrapping the tape around them or even create wall murals like these mountains by cutting pasting them on the wall.  

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