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Easter's Almost Here! Let's Get Our Egg On!

Easter is one of those cozy, mellow and wondrous spring-like holidays. It's the time to welcome spring, the energy that brings forth new growth and also a time of birth and new beginnings, into your home! As Easter Sunday is approaching, I’ve been looking into different ideas to get my house ready too and you would definitely want to get ready for the celebration and for me this year, I've decided to throw a huge Easter party for my kids and their little buddies, and also for my special loved ones.

Easter bunnies (my kids and I especially love Peter Rabbit!) and cute coloured eggs are well known symbol of Easter. The good part about Easter Decor is that it can serve in seasonal and everyday decor even after the holiday is over. Bright colours will add pretty spring panache to your home. For instance, charming bright tableware and floral table centerpieces with soft pastel shades are just right for spring seasonal home decor but can also add to the Easter vibe!

Easter bunnies and chicks coupled with a plate or basket of colourful eggs can serve as the center of attention. The universal symbol of Easter; Spring coloured eggs are served as a main home decor, fortunately; there are endless ways and tons of different materials that you can use to make a gorgeous custom party for your loved ones.



For a more intricate Easter home decor, Spring coloured wreath with eggs can be used for your door or mantel. Greet your special guests with this graceful spring-inspired Easter wreath made of faux moss and dainty soft coloured flowers! Finish it off by tying on a pretty floral ribbon of your choice.

Beautiful Easter decor ideas are so many, they should make you glow with happiness not only on the inside but also on the outside!



Now THIS is a really cool and cute way to decorate the center of your dining table and get conversations starting, I mean who else adds carrots into their flower arrangements am I right?! And it's super easy! All you have to do is make a trip to your farmers' market and get yourself a dozen bright orange carrots, some large orange coloured flowers and also some dainty ones. It doesn't have to be all in orange so if you want to incorporate some other colours in you can definitely do it! Also get some extra greenery to fill out your arrangement. 



If you're a minimalist chic and is not into pastels and bunnies for your Easter decor then try out these planted egg succulents! Now I know what you're thinking, "but I don't have a green thumb!" because that was exactly the first thought that came into my mind but no worries because succulents are the hardest plants to kill so don't fret!

Decorate your eggs first and let it sit to dry because it is definitely easier than trying to draw on empty fragile eggshells. Since eggs are naturally brown, using white paint will really make it pop! If you've got white eggs, opt for black pen art for a more minimalistic feel. Drawings that I feel are really cute on the eggs will be dots of various sizes, thin lines and also swirly patterns! 



Instead of spending a ton of money for a bunch of fake vegetables, get your creative juices flowing and make your own! This table setting is so charming and quirky I think I might just do this for my Easter party to wow my guests!

Check out the whole DIY Project here!



While the adults are having a grand time inside the cosy house, don't forget about the kids! This year I'll be setting up a picnic-like table setting on the open space of my garden. It is usually an excellent place to hang out with your family and friends while enjoying this promising day. Applying your colourful themed table decorations for Easter also becomes easy when you have more space and the addition of the beauty of nature! 

An eye-popping Easter table spread will delight the young and even the old! To adorn your Easter table, hang Easter bunny garlands along the walls, or if you’re having an outdoor celebration, between trees. Place little coloured quirky chicks or bunnies amongst the food, fill brightly coloured drinking jars for guests (try making your own Pink Lemonade!) , scatter a colourful mix of chocolate Easter eggs for a sweet starter and lay out your themed napkins, plates and crackers for everyone!

Happy Easter everyone!



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