The Kismet Decals Guarantee

The Kismet Decals Guarantee provides one product replacement for any item purchased on that has failed due to :

  1. Mistake during assembly of sticker.
  2. Failure of sticker to stick to wall surface.
  3. Damage or tear during assembly.

Terms and Conditions :

1)The Kismet Decals Guarantee ("the guarantee") is applicable only for purchases on

2)The guarantee is only applicable once per item purchased.

3)The guarantee is only applicable for the exact same product.

4)The guarantee is only valid for Large and Medium roll stickers only.

5)The guarantee is only valid for claims made within 30 days of date of order that have met all claim requirements.


6)Kismet Decals reserves the right to disapprove any claim based on the following reasons :

  • Fraud
  • Abuse
  • Verbal abuse and unprofessional conduct
  • Defamatory activity
  • Theft
  • Insufficient details of claim
  • Intentional damage/destruction of product
  • Lack of co-operation for additional details requested during claim.

7)Please note that the TAX, SHIPPING and any additional cost/fee associated with the replacement order is NOT covered under the Kismet Decals Guarantee. An estimate will be provided for shipping and shipment will be made once payment for shipping has been collected.

8)By raising a Kismet Decals Guarantee claim, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions above.

9)To raise a Kismet Decals Guarantee Claim, please email info@kismetdecals with the following details :

  1. Order Number.
  2. Reason for claim ( 1,2 or 3 in first paragraph ).
  3. Two pictures of wall surface.
  4. Two pictures of original order being completely destroyed/shredded.