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Surprise Mum With The Ultimate Breakfast! - Any Time, Any Where!

Yes, Mother's Day is over. So what! This magnificent lady in our lives, called 'mother' needs to be cherished, delighted and cared for, the whole year through - for she surely deserve it! 

Honestly speaking, what a Mum really wants for Mother's Day, or for her birthday,  or for any other special day dedicated for her, is definitely a morning off! So what is sweeter than to start off a day for her with a scrumptious breakfast-in-bed surprise!

Well, but make sure you do that after letting her sleep in obviously! You don't want her being cranky the whole day haha!

And trust me, she will never see it coming because imagine how delightful it is to wake up to the smell of freshly cooked bacon and eggs with gingerbread french toast, a towering plate of the softest and fluffiest pancakes and also a steaming hot cup of her favorite coffee, tea or juice.


Okay boys and girls, here's the step-by-step tutorial. Who's ready?


STEP 1 : Get Yourself A Lovely Tray

The best thing is that you can even DIY a special tray yourself which makes it even cuter! For example, you can use an unused wooden crate box.

Or an old suitcase box and line it up with wallpaper and wrapping paper scraps.




The food, is no doubt the most important part of the ordeal.


Pancakes For The Soul

Get the full recipe here!


Creamy Italian Baked Eggs



The Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

The most delicious thing ever. Soft boiled eggs on avocado toast!

Soft boiled eggs are also a plus point as you can transport it in adorable little cups.


Beautiful Yoghurt Parfait With Granola

Not only are they pleasing to the eyes, but they taste as good as they look too! Head on over here for the recipe!



The Perfect Cocktail

Give your mum a little pick me up with this low-alcohol cocktail!


Smoothie Of The Day

 The perfect boost for the strongest woman in your life.


Tea With A Queen's Teacup

Another great idea is to serve tea in a tea cup that doubles as a gift!

 And the same goes to the tea pots!




Especially Pretty Vases That She Can Keep Her Flowers In


Paper Flowers

If you're on a budget you can try your hand at these paper flower crafts! The best thing is that they last forever just like your mother's love for you.


And it's done! The good news is that no matter how it looks like or how everything tastes, it's the thought that counts and your Mother will surely be glad for the effort that you've put in for her.



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