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How To Style Your Bedside Table!

Raise your hand if your bedside table is actually your dumping ground for whatever things that you have on your hand when you get ready for bed. Well, more often than not we take for granted just how necessary it is. Your bedside table should really be an aesthetic decor for the eyes as it’s one of the first things you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before hitting the sack at night! Show some love towards it and transform your bedside table into a reflection of your personal classy, chic and elegant or even quirky style, giving it the attention it so rightfully deserves. Trust me, it makes a difference to how you start your morning and you'll be happier about it.




Most rooms already have a colour scheme or a specific look to follow e.g. contemporary, rustic, vibrant. Plan out what kind you’re going for, what sets your mood, what theme you’d like and vibe you want to project and from there, create.




Tables come in many forms so pick wisely based on your needs. Sometimes you may need extra storage space so an ideal table would be one with drawers or space that allows you to store items like your favourite books, pens and notebooks to write down last minute ideas, snacks although snacking in the middle of the night is never ideal but sometimes you just get hungry! Either way, make sure you check the sizing to suit the look you want for the room and for yourself!




A lot of people, including me like having a night lamp (I love those weirdly shaped ones which intrigued me) for when I want to finish reading or jotting down last minute ideas and dreams that I want to remember when I wake up in the middle of the night while still in bed. Here's when a bedside table comes in handy as we're half blind in the dark anyways. Gone are the days of lamps being just you know, functional and bland, they now come with fashion and flair. From different colors and designs, there's tons to pick from.




Travel back to basics and try not to overdo the entire set up for the beside table. The idea is to keep it minimalistic, chic and still serve its purpose as a space to keep your bedtime necessities. A cluttered table is never ideal and never let's be honest, aesthetic, so arrange your items to create a more neat and simple look.  




There's always a few must have items by your bedside that calms you or help make life easier for you. For me, it's always my really loud alarm clock so that I won't snooze it and drift back into dreamland, a bottle of water in case I get thirsty in the middle of the night and a selected indoor plant to bring in some fresh air. 




The actual best part of decorating anything at all is being able to add my own personal touch, making the space my very own! In this case, scented candles and fresh flowers are a great way to add fragrance as well as fill up the space with something beautiful to look at. If that's too feminine for you, step it up a notch by adding a sculpture or artwork that inspires you to be productive every morning when you wake up. Either way, the goal is to create a look that you'd love waking up to and feast your eyes on. 

How To Match Your Flowers With Vases | Kismet Decals

How To Match Your Flowers With Vases

So you just got yourself a fresh bouquet of gorgeous flower arrangement from the farmer's market, only to come home and place it in a vase that doesn't do it justice at all! While it's fun to pair, mix and match different types and colors of blooms to suit your taste and liking, the real deal come from the vases and containers that the bouquets will be living in. I've recently read up on how certain blooms pair best with certain vases (safe to say that I've experienced the struggle too) and here's the matches that works best together! So the next time you take home one, you'll know precisely the perfect way to showcase it.



Mason Jars

A mason jar is a simple and quirky way to showcase the bold and cheerful sunflower! Plus you can even decorate your mason jars beforehand for a flair of creativity!


Tall Cylinder

If you're a sunflower lover, you'll know that actual sunflowers are known to grow up to 12 feet tall! So using a tall vase not only shows how stunning they are but also ensures that they won't topple over.


Galvanized Pot

These containers give it the perfect rusty feel which pairs nicely with the carefree, laid back sunflower. If you're looking for farmhouse cottage vibes then this pairing is definitely for you!



Fit and Flare

The fit and flare is the best vase to stylishly show off a slightly fuller rose bouquet. Works best with different coloured roses!


Trumpet vase

Roses are definitely statement flowers, so pair it with elegant shapes like the trumpet to up the luxe and wow factor.


Vintage Cut

Nothing shows off the timeless grace of roses more than an old fashioned vintage vase that you've uncovered from the basement.



Bubble Vase

Carnations are perfect for a small bubble bowl for its short and sturdy stems that can be cut to any length without harming them!


Short Cylinder

There's only one lone carnation here but a short vase actually adds more control to a larger bouquet of carnations.


Vintage Patterned Vases

It's a quirky match of the retro carnations with a beautifully patterned vase.



Square Vase

The square vase is the perfect vase for lilies to blossom into a full bouquet that is sure to intrigued your guests.


Tall Slender Vase

Lilies are known to require fresh water daily and a tall and slender vase allows for easy refills and less spillage.


Bubble Vase

For those of you who prefers or have a smaller bouquet, this vase is perfect and looks super cute for the full blooms!


5. Orchids

Square Vase

A tall square vase will show off the elegant stems of your fresh orchids!


Oval Round Vase

The rounded shape at the bottom of the vase encourages the elegant curve of an orchid stem.


Bud Vase

By placing these stunning flowers inside a small, slim vase, the flowers do all the talking!




















































Pet-Friendly Stylish Houseplants | Kismet Decals

Pet-Friendly Stylish Houseplants

What do you do if you're a pet lover but also want your home to be a greenhouse because of your love for plants? Are you afraid that choosing the wrong plant will create toxic vibes for your furry friends? Or worse, get them sent straight to the ER?

Well fret not for all it needs is just a lil' bit of know-how and label-reading to give you an idea on which plants are safe for your furry friends. And the best thing of all, these plants look so chic they fit right into your stylish home!


Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Ferns are large, bifurcated fronds that shoot out dramatically from the center of the plant and it really is an amazing vegan alternative if you're not the type to hang innocent dead animals up on your walls. These fuzzy ferns look best mounted on wooden boards finished with vintage burlap to give it a rustic, farmhouse feel. Or just put it in a quirky pot for an au naturel vibe! They’re neat and are completely safe for pets and are absolutely stunning. They also like high humidity and medium light, and not direct sunlight and caring for them is just a simple misting 1-2 times a week or if it's in a pot, water it once a week.


Spider Plant

Don't worry, just because it's called a spider plant doesn't mean it's going to turn into a big hairy spider at night and crawl into your bed! This foliage with long, spiky leaves just demands to be noticed. Think dramatic but without overdoing it. More mature spider plants have small white flowers that looks super cute. If you want your spider plant to thrive, give them access to bright light and water them generously through summer. Just make sure you dry them out between waterings. The spider plant’s ability to produce dangling ‘plantlets’ also makes it ideal for hanging baskets. Plus points: your pets can actually play with its "dangly fingers" when they run out of squeaky toys!


Grafted Cactus

These are definitely one of my all time favorite! These colorful, tufty little buddies just look so bright and cheerful for the soul. They might look spiky but they actually work pretty well as scratching posts for those itchy paws! They’re super cute, and look best  when they're paired up with other pet safe succulents or grouped together. Basic care is pretty, well, basic so they're probably going to be the easiest plant you'll ever take care of. Let dry out completely and water once or twice a week. Remember, these usually live in a desert so they are pretty hydrated.


Lemon Button Fern

Also known as the Fishbone Fern, with its delicate arching stems lines with tiny leaves and button-like foliage, the Lemon Button Fern is the perfect accent piece for a shelf or tabletop. It is also said to smell slightly lemony when you crush the leaves hence the name. This dainty, yet eye-catching plant makes it an ideal houseplant as it does not appreciate direct light and it's also super pet friendly! Best to keep the soil moist without over-saturating the plant.


Areca Palm

Surely all you ever wanted to do is to add some tropical greenery into your interior, but obviously a quick internet search attempt reveals that your tropical plant of choice is malignant to your furry family members. Well search no more for the tall, lanky Areca Palm is a safe option and makes the chicest houseplant ever. Notable for its air-purifying effects, it is relatively easy to care for. Just try not to over-water the plant, but it’s a good idea to hydrate it when the soil below the surface begins to feel a tad bit dry. 

Areca is the kind of plant you can flaunt with joy in a big pot such as a colorful patterned one for a fun effect or a metallic one for that modern look. Talk about an instant focal point for the room, one your guests will surely marvel at!

10 Houseplants That Will Improve Any Room Interior | Kismet Decals

10 Houseplants That Will Improve Any Room Interior

Having plants around the house is definitely a must! Don’t be scared just yet because you don’t have to be a gardener to be able to keep these plants alive. Just pure love for these little guys. You don’t even have to worry about placing them next to a window, because the kinds of houseplants can be placed anywhere around the house, even in the midst of your other belongings. These low maintenance houseplants are guaranteed to be kill-proof because they survive in low lighting spots with no direct sunlight and very occasional watering session. Whether you want to jump into the Instagram house jungle trend bandwagon or not, these plants will surely amp up any room interior. Aside from being a decor statement, they are great to have around for its air-cleaning eminence.

First and foremost...

Note to not move them around too much

They are living things too that actually need and take time to adjust, especially when being moved to a new location.

Don’t get too excited about watering

Remember that these are very low maintenance houseplants, and with plants in general, overwatering is never good.

Get a spacious pot

If you decided to plant them yourself down from the seeds or purchase a new baby plant, make sure to get a big pot as well, so they can grow nicely. Roots that don’t get much space in the pot tend to die quicker.

Ready? Now let’s start planting!

Broadleaf Lady Palm

This broadleaf or lady palm originated from China and known to be great in low lighting, though loves water! This may be a great addition to your bathroom! Maybe every time you visit for your duties, you might want to sprinkle a little bit of water on these guys! Its long and big leaves can also spice up your bathroom and at the same time, has abilities to filter ammonia from the air! Keeping your bathroom clean!

English Ivy

It is indeed a very good looking plant! The structure of the plant is cascading like a waterfall. They do need at least 4 hours of sunlight every day but every glimpse of beaming light, they always make the most use out of it. It is perfect in any temperature, down to its being humidity loving!

Snake Plant

It is beautifully sleek and requires up to no maintenance at all! You can just water it every few weeks and do not overwater with these! In addition, make sure to get pots that have breathing holes for them, or else there might be some chances that they may rot.

Peace Lily

With the right size pot, not too big and not too small, these peace lilies will look full in the middle of wonderful green leaves frame and standing elegant lilies peeking through. They survive even in low light conditions and in the winter you have just water them some other days. Although, during summer, do remember to hydrate them every day to keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

Spider Plant

Could be one of the most famous houseplants there is. This spider legs looking plant can do your house wonders! It cleans the lingering carbon-monoxide out of your home! And, you can easily grow another one from one spider plant by removing the base plant or mother plant, into a different pot and soil. You only need to water them twice or three times a year and they actually prefer indirect sunlight!

Weeping Pig

This one is definitely a statement piece. It grows to be a big plant that would require some space around your house. They thrive even in low light conditions, even better indirect from the sun. They will definitely look better in a more humid climate but if you do live in a hot scorching environment, either migrate or occasionally treat your weeping pig with a generous spritz of water.

Cast Iron Plant

Known to be the indestructible houseplant, they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and they don’t need much light. It would be the perfect companion to add dimension to your Instagram pictures! To add, you work great with all kinds of temperatures!


We can call it the basic Instagram and Tumblr plant, they are the softer and shinier cousin of cactus. Even cacti can be categorized as a succulent. They go along with any themes you might have going on in your home. They are fun-sized so they are great as a coffee table companion or just sitting on your windowsill. Succulents are perfect if you are a busy-rarely-home kind of person or oh-I-forgot-to-water-my plants! They come in various shapes, sizes, colours and definitely kill-proof.


Who says that you can only see palm trees outdoor? Have one in your room and it would be the greatest decision you have ever make. To have a constant reminder of those wonderful beach days there indoors, even though they need quite a bit of sun to grow,  you can definitely teach them otherwise! Simple, you can decrease the amount of light they get every day and only then they will get used to it. And with these smaller palm trees, you can water them any other day.



Last but not least, aloe can be a great addition to your decor with its spiky tongue-like features. Even though they need quite a bit of sunlight every day, but they can also live in a bright room and indirect lighting! Be smart about where you put your aloes! If you do manage to keep them alive, they can come in handy if you happen to stay in the sun for too long and have sunburns or other skin irritations! They will soothe it right away!