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10 Houseplants That Will Improve Any Room Interior

Having plants around the house is definitely a must! Don’t be scared just yet because you don’t have to be a gardener to be able to keep these plants alive. Just pure love for these little guys. You don’t even have to worry about placing them next to a window, because the kinds of houseplants can be placed anywhere around the house, even in the midst of your other belongings. These low maintenance houseplants are guaranteed to be kill-proof because they survive in low lighting spots with no direct sunlight and very occasional watering session. Whether you want to jump into the Instagram house jungle trend bandwagon or not, these plants will surely amp up any room interior. Aside from being a decor statement, they are great to have around for its air-cleaning eminence.

First and foremost...

Note to not move them around too much

They are living things too that actually need and take time to adjust, especially when being moved to a new location.

Don’t get too excited about watering

Remember that these are very low maintenance houseplants, and with plants in general, overwatering is never good.

Get a spacious pot

If you decided to plant them yourself down from the seeds or purchase a new baby plant, make sure to get a big pot as well, so they can grow nicely. Roots that don’t get much space in the pot tend to die quicker.

Ready? Now let’s start planting!

Broadleaf Lady Palm

This broadleaf or lady palm originated from China and known to be great in low lighting, though loves water! This may be a great addition to your bathroom! Maybe every time you visit for your duties, you might want to sprinkle a little bit of water on these guys! Its long and big leaves can also spice up your bathroom and at the same time, has abilities to filter ammonia from the air! Keeping your bathroom clean!

English Ivy

It is indeed a very good looking plant! The structure of the plant is cascading like a waterfall. They do need at least 4 hours of sunlight every day but every glimpse of beaming light, they always make the most use out of it. It is perfect in any temperature, down to its being humidity loving!

Snake Plant

It is beautifully sleek and requires up to no maintenance at all! You can just water it every few weeks and do not overwater with these! In addition, make sure to get pots that have breathing holes for them, or else there might be some chances that they may rot.

Peace Lily

With the right size pot, not too big and not too small, these peace lilies will look full in the middle of wonderful green leaves frame and standing elegant lilies peeking through. They survive even in low light conditions and in the winter you have just water them some other days. Although, during summer, do remember to hydrate them every day to keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

Spider Plant

Could be one of the most famous houseplants there is. This spider legs looking plant can do your house wonders! It cleans the lingering carbon-monoxide out of your home! And, you can easily grow another one from one spider plant by removing the base plant or mother plant, into a different pot and soil. You only need to water them twice or three times a year and they actually prefer indirect sunlight!

Weeping Pig

This one is definitely a statement piece. It grows to be a big plant that would require some space around your house. They thrive even in low light conditions, even better indirect from the sun. They will definitely look better in a more humid climate but if you do live in a hot scorching environment, either migrate or occasionally treat your weeping pig with a generous spritz of water.

Cast Iron Plant

Known to be the indestructible houseplant, they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and they don’t need much light. It would be the perfect companion to add dimension to your Instagram pictures! To add, you work great with all kinds of temperatures!


We can call it the basic Instagram and Tumblr plant, they are the softer and shinier cousin of cactus. Even cacti can be categorized as a succulent. They go along with any themes you might have going on in your home. They are fun-sized so they are great as a coffee table companion or just sitting on your windowsill. Succulents are perfect if you are a busy-rarely-home kind of person or oh-I-forgot-to-water-my plants! They come in various shapes, sizes, colours and definitely kill-proof.


Who says that you can only see palm trees outdoor? Have one in your room and it would be the greatest decision you have ever make. To have a constant reminder of those wonderful beach days there indoors, even though they need quite a bit of sun to grow,  you can definitely teach them otherwise! Simple, you can decrease the amount of light they get every day and only then they will get used to it. And with these smaller palm trees, you can water them any other day.



Last but not least, aloe can be a great addition to your decor with its spiky tongue-like features. Even though they need quite a bit of sunlight every day, but they can also live in a bright room and indirect lighting! Be smart about where you put your aloes! If you do manage to keep them alive, they can come in handy if you happen to stay in the sun for too long and have sunburns or other skin irritations! They will soothe it right away!

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