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Woodstock Inspired Home 

Woodstock defined a decade that brought about new thoughts and ideas; feminism, the antiwar movement, and environmentalism. It was the soundtrack to the revolution! A time of faded blues, Macramès, beads, and fringes. It was THE place for peace and love. So, why not capture the festival feel in your home. 


Todays boho-hippie-chic trend is attributed to the festival itself. But how do you keep the groovy but not look like you have a problem with The Establishment.”  



This was the craft that typified this decades look. It went through an intense phase later in the 70s. Now, its back! And why not? You can get readily available designs in all sizes, lengths, and colours at places like Etsy or this could be your new hobby. 


Macramès are make great pot hangers, jewellery, wall hangings and other home accessories. Today's take on macrame leans toward the mi imalist style. Youll want more streamlined and simple plant hangers. A glass bowl further updates the look. Add funky colours in the mix if you like.  


OK truth be told: the hippies did not invent the tie dye culture. Sorry! It was actually an ancient method used all over the world since the Japanese shibori in the eighth century. This art form is even found in India, Africa and Indonesia. The hippie culture brought on the psychedelic variety which we now use widely in pop culture today. Its one of those art forms that require the artist to just let go. You cant control how its going to turn out but its always a pleasant surprise.

Tie dye adds soft, organic shape and texture to any room. Almost anything in your home can be tie dyed but remember to not go overboard with this - unless youre having a hippie themed party. The ombre chairs are great for an afternoon or tea party.  This style can be modern, bohemian, colourful or neutral. You can also create an interesting focal point in the bedroom. From throws to cushions and even bed spreads. Tie dye is meant for play!  



Think neon and anything with the colour name of lime. These colours help create a room with some 1970s flavour. Pick an artist you love to help create a masterpiece for your home and be open to different mediums from paintings, graphic design prints and even wall stickers. Keep a look out for rising artists in your area by attending exhibitions.  


I recently came across these wonderful oil and acrylic painters Nabella and Burak. These paintings bring music and honesty to any room; giving guests a beautiful experience and a boost of energy. For more beautiful art, check out Art of Nabura.

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