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Wonder Woman 1984: Post-Credits Scene Confirmed!

Redemption in the form of a Christmas Release of Wonder Woman 1984. That’s the good news we have for this month. Last week we were delighted by the news of high-quality streaming for the movie that will be available in 4K Ultra HD on December 25, exclusively on HBO Max. This week, director Patty Jenkins confirmed that there will be additional scenes following the end credit of the film.

In a recent podcast interview with Reelblend, Jenkins, when asked whether WW84 will have a post-credits scene, answered “Yes.” This shall be something new that the team is bringing to the film as 2017’s Wonder Woman did not have anything similar to it. The fans did not hear about this earlier as the previous version of the film which was shown to critics for reviews, did not include the post-credit scene.

Jenkins assured that the additional scene is something special for the audience, and revealing it beforehand will kill the fun. If you don’t plan to watch WW84 at your local cinema, fret not, the scene will also be available on stream for those who plan to watch the movie on HBO Max.

We haven’t the faintest clue about what the scene might be about, however, based on her previous stance on DC Comics crossovers, as well as a potential Wonder Woman spinoff focusing on the hidden island of Themyscira’s Amazonians, we expect Jenkins to not feature any other superhero, and maybe hint something about Wonder Woman 3. We hope we’re wrong though. It would be awesome to see a crossover, especially with Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

So, be sure to save the date, as Wonder Woman 1984 will be available for your viewing pleasure in less than 14 days from now!

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