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Wolverine is Getting a New Series

Dawn of X


During the recent New York Comic Con (NYCC), Marvel Comics announced Wolverine #1 at the Dawn of X panel, marking the official return of Wolverine's solo series - the first one in five years. The crew for the series have also been named, and comic book fans are all too familiar (and surely happy) with their work.

  • Story: Benjamin Percy - Writer of X-Force, and Marvel's Wolverine podcast
  • Art: Adam Kubert - Writer of the 2003 Wolverine, and Victor Bogdonavic

 The series is expected to be released in February next year, as a second wave of the Dawn of X titles. Other Dawn of X titles that we are expected to see are Excalibur Vol. 4, Fallen Angels Vol. 2, Marauders, New Mutants Vol. 4, X-Force Vol. 6, and X-Men Vol.5, starting with the release of X-Men on the 16th of October this year.

For Percy, this will his first project of a solo Wolverine story and he cannot wait to get started. “We all have that character. The one we love more than any other. The one we treasure in books and movies and maybe memorialize with a T-shirt or tattoo. The one we relate to as a cracked-mirror version of ourselves. For me -- as a growly, grumpy, hairy, smelly, muscled, flannel-clad, whiskey-swilling loner who lives in the woods of the frozen north -- it's Logan. And though this might sound corny, it also feels right to say that writing Wolverine is a dream come true, a childhood fantasy realized. No kidding, bub," he says. We don't disagree with Percy. Wolverine is a fan-favorite and we're just as excited about this new line of comics.

Here's the cover of Wolverine #1 released by Marvel, and art by Adam Kubert:


Excited yet, bub?

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