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Vinyl Decal Trend & Why We Love It

Need a brand new look for your wall? Looking for decor that won’t do any damage to your paint or need you to do any drilling? Vinyl decals are an easy way to give life and a brand new look to an otherwise boring surface, without having to empty your bank account or bring out your power tools. They come in so many different forms and can give your wall a stencilled grungy look or something more intricately detailed like watercolour work. What I absolutely love about using decals to decorate my walls is that they’re non permanent (unless you want them to be!) and can be removed as easily as they are to stick on.

Want to know what some of my favourite ways to use decals are? Let me name a few.



The best — and most obvious — way to use decals is to create a feature wall in your home. From images and scenery, to quotes and names, the kinds of looks you can create are infinite. They also work great on tiles, and can spruce up the look of your kitchen without any renovations or spending a fortune.




I love the idea of knowing exactly where everything is, labelled and ready for me to use. My entire pantry is organised with glass bottles and vinyl chalkboard decal labels. That way I get to change and erase the writing whenever I switch containers or products. I also use it for when I have dinners or parties at home, since its not permanent. I can write the names of my guests on glasses so they don't get them mixed up or lost.





Themes and holidays are big in my home and decals make decorating so much easier for me! Customised decals for different festivities such as Christmas, like snowflakes can be added to windows or even faux stick-on fireplace. Simple to apply and only involving a few steps to remove, decals work wonders with short-life span decorating as well as for more permanent uses.


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