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Turn Your Fridge Into A Canvas

Most fridges can be found with these common things scattered on their doors: magnets, post-it-notes, to-do lists, grocery lists, photographs and of course, your kids first doodle. How about taking the decorating one step further and turning your fridge into a canvas instead? I've come across designer brands with fresh and revamped takes on the good ol refrigerator, but there's so many ways to replicate similar designs for a fraction of what those may cost. These are some tips on how you can turn your fridge into a canvas, making it not just functional but a tasteful work of art too.



Chalkboard paint is a phenomenon that has made a huge impact in the decor world and I'm so happy it did. Just paint over your current fridge with the chalkboard paint and you got yourself a canvas to start doodling on. From creating your own unique drawings, writing your daily reminders or even letting your kids and visitors doodle so you have your own who was here list, the options are endless. Plus it looks really cool!




A great way to keep your memories on the fridge and be organized is by getting your pictures printed on magnets. Easy to put on and remove, you have the option of creating your own picture gallery minus the mess of having to use tape and ruining the surface of the fridge. You can even get frames and attach magnets to the back of them if you're looking to have bigger images or a family portrait up. Don't limit yourself to just pictures, treat the fridge like a scrapbook.




Non permanent and easily to stick and remove, decals are decor lifesavers for any smooth surface. From quotes to art, the sky's really the limit when it comes to decals, and the best part is, you can dress up the fridge for occasions too. Imagine how cute a fridge would look decked out in a snowman decal for Christmas, or some tropical leaves for summer or a smiley face just for a sunshine-y pick-me-upon a daily basis?




Gone are the days where wallpaper was used just for walls. Now they're used on any surface that needs an immediate face lift and including refrigerators. With a huge range or designs, hues and colours to play around with, there's no end to the look you can achieve by using wallpaper on your fridge.




Similar to wallpaper, tiles are another great way to revamp your fridge. However, make sure you pick lighter tiles to avoid causing problems with the door of your fridge. Remember, the idea is to create a new look without compromising on functionality.



I love how incredibly beautiful and rustic this looks. Adding wooden panels against the fridge is a great way to recycle old wood as well as give new life to your fridge. I especially love that wood can be painted in different colours to achieve the best look suitable for your kitchen.


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