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Titans: Why The Show Needs To Be Canceled

A spoiler-free discussion.

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The simple mention of a superhero team having its own show may sound like a fun little outing for the whole family. We, as eager fans, get to witness various individuals we adore with enhanced abilities kicking asses and taking names in the best possible way for our viewing pleasure. That being said, as easy as the premise may seem to hold water within the pages of a comic book, its live-action adaptations usually end up missing the mark in more ways than not.

Enter the Titans, a more mature group of superheroes that evolved from their equally famous counterpart, the Teen Titans. When the show was first announced, there were unsurprisingly mixed reactions all across the board, particularly due to the fact that the show was intended to be a live-action adaptation of these superhero characters rather than a follow-up animated series to the already popular Teen Titans on Cartoon Network.

Despite the less than stellar initial reception, there were many a fan out there (us included) that decided to give the superhero show a chance to prove its worth and earn its place as a legitimate team-up between fan-favorite characters. After all, it seemed like the logical thing to do at the time, given the fact that nothing was set in stone until the first few episodes were finally aired to be viewed by audiences.

Now, three whole seasons into the show (with a fourth season on the not-so-distant horizon), it has certainly dawned on us that this show is, unfortunately, a complete and utter misfire.

Titans is a difficult one to accurately pinpoint when it comes to leveling criticism against the show itself. On the one hand, it does feature some interesting concepts, such as the Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne dynamic, whereby the former and the latter do not see eye to eye. It creates a sense of drama that becomes an important ingredient for the show, as it fuels Nightwing’s motives and gives audiences a glimpse of the inner turmoil he struggles with.

On the other hand, however, it is with the rest of the Titans members that things start to take an awkward turn for the worse. The characters, despite ample opportunity, are severely underdeveloped and are often found just lounging around or busy with their own separate quest as opposed to working together as a super team. It was a tolerable mistake on the part of the showrunners to do this in season one, but now that the show has just concluded its third season, it really seems as if nothing much has changed on that front.

With all that being said, perhaps the fourth season of the show will provide the necessary storytelling required to elevate Titans beyond its current mediocre standing. If, however, that is not to be the case, then a looming cancellation would certainly be warranted.



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