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Tips To Make Your Home Look Instagram-Worthy

It's really no big mystery that social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have given birth to a unique blogging experience using extremely visually attracting pictures and aesthetic photography shots. The entire blogging experience is so much more visually focused, capturing memories with mere snapshots and lots of cute and friendly DIY projects lined with step by step pictures. 

It's clear these mode of expressions have helped us to find creative solutions for our home disasters and also inspirations to brighten up our home and soul. But the question remains - how can you make your house something people will want their own homes to be like?? If you're serious about upping your Instagram game and need a few tips on making your bedroom as charming and alluring as it can be, well I've got you the juice!


Loads of Natural Lighting

If you didn't know, taking a good picture is all about lighting. Natural lighting especially. Focus on the natural light that is brought into the room. The most lovely rooms will always feel the most connected with nature and warmth. Bringing in that kind of soul lifting light is the best ambient lighting because it never fails to fill a room in a way more than any of our wired electrical leading lights can. 


Plant Life

Well what can I say, the best theme is always natural and the next big thing to consider is plant life. And once again, plants connect our environment by bringing in the fresh outdoors into our homes. They add an element to a space, and depending on what you choose to display, they look super catchy and cute in pictures and also provide aesthetic-feel with its color, size, shape and also the type of ceramic pots they live in that is hard to replicate. Various people have various taste and some people like to have little indoor pots of herbs growing in the kitchen like lemongrass or mint which also serves as a wonderful air freshener! Even like a bouquet of your favorite flowers as the center piece on the dining table, or perhaps it’s a few little succulents or little cactuses lining your bedroom window sill.


Decorative Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest of the homes? You of course! Wall displays are just as important as furniture placement when it comes to making your space picture-perfect. You can also put up large mirrors as it can make any room feel instantly larger. I love mirrors with quirky, weird shapes like this neon-lighted one!


Smart Shelving

Showcase your taste and personality with a uniquely decorated bookcase! Stuff it up with all your favorite literature readings, ornaments, novelty trinkets and more so your guests or in this case, followers can get a whiff of what you're all about. Decorated bookcases stands out best against a minimal style room so if you're keen on doing this, I recommend simple wall décor and neutral colors for all of the other room items.


Textured Affair

Adding texture to your home can work wonders when it comes to creating a warm, welcoming, and cozy environment for your pictures. And what's better is that it is actually really quite simple. Rugs and throw pillows are killer when it comes to introducing your home with more texture and style, and they won’t take up much additional space doing it. It's one of the reasons they’re one of the first places people turn when looking for more texture. And not only does a nice rug boost up your overall aesthetic with more personality, but it also warms up a room, both verbatim and metaphorically.









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