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The Iridescent Trend & How To Incorporate It In Your Home


There's something completely magical about iridescent tones — the way they glisten and display a beautiful array of colours. The luminous glow of pearls, bubbles as they float, the inside of seashells or even simple oil slicks create this cascade of brilliant colours, both mysterious and out of the world at the same time. Iridescent tones have caught the eye of the design world and have become essential for not just your wardrobe and makeup kit,but also for styling your home. It comes as no surprise tome that iridescent decor has made a huge come back recently, just this time taking it one notch higher with its hues and how tastefully they’re used for styling. Here are some of the trends that I've come across and think are a must for trend hunters and magical creatures alike.




Having the whole home decorated in iridescent designs can definitely bean overkill and could look like a sci-fi movie set gone wrong. Take into account that these are statement pieces and should stand out against something more simplified. If you do want something that really pops, I'd suggest a feature window or glass panel at home. You can even use it as a room partition. This way you actually get to be in your own little bubble — literally!





Statement pieces are always a must for me. Especially if you happen to be looking for furniture that you want to make an impact with. Pick one piece of furniture you'd like to highlight and get it in iridescent tones. Not only is it a great conversation starter, this piece will put you ahead of the decor game.





Though mostly seen on the windows of places of worship, stained glass can offer the same type of colour play in your home. Most commonly used as chimes or sun catchers, stained glass with natural light shining through, definitely allows you to get the complete prism of colours dancing around your home. It has since evolved into many different types of home decor, much to my delight. Now you can get a gorgeous mosaic decor piece to add a touch of magic to your room. A cheaper DIY alternative is using old CDs and breaking them up into pieces, then gluing them into any design you desire. The effect is pretty much similar and it won't cost you much.



If you've ever dreamed of being a mermaid, this one is definitely for you! Image having a nice shower after a long day of work in your own personal sanctuary where the tiles glisten and glimmer, in iridescent tones transporting you to a magical place of your own. For me, there's something about being in water and watching the colours move with the light that is completely calming and beautiful.

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