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The Flash: Will Ezra Miller Be Replaced As The Titular Character

A spoiler-free discussion.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash

Oh boy! It seems like almost every day that we are hearing more troubling rumors regarding Andy Muschietti’s The Flash movie. Not only has there been buzz around the extensive reshoots that went into the film, and the fact that the movie’s release date has been delayed by more than a year, it seems there is no end to the production nightmare that this film has been thus far.

Now, more recently, there is the added worry that Ezra Miller might very well indeed be replaced as the titular character in the film on account of his recent numerous reports of bad behavior and arrests in the public eye. Such instances would certainly be grounds for the actor to be dismissed from the role in order to protect the studio’s interest.

Fans themselves have been clamoring for Miller’s removal from the film, stating that they would not mind seeing Grant Gustin be his replacement should the studio choose to go ahead with it.


What we believe, however, is that Ezra Miller will not be fired just yet from the film. This is because, unfortunately for all those hopeful souls who want Ezra gone, the movie has already wrapped filming and is in the stages of post-production. There is not enough time before the films new release date of June 23rd, 2023, for the production team to reshoot all of Ezra Miller’s scenes with a fresh new actor taking on the role of The Flash.

The only plausible way this could happen is if the studio itself chooses to delay the film once more, but that could only be a display of weakness on the side of the studio for not standing by its main actor.

Therefore, from the way we see it, Ezra Miller might not be fired from The Flash film simply because the movie has already been shot. That being said, there is a high possibility that the actor could very well indeed be replaced in future projects involving The Flash character in the DCEU should the public perception towards the actor continue to dwindle. Apart from that, Ezra Miller could also be given the boot by the studio if he should continue to behave in unsavory ways and not opt to clean up his act.

After all, superhero films are generally family-friendly, and the studio would certainly want to uphold that image and do whatever it takes to ensure there is no stain on its reputation. It would be imperative for Ezra Miller to thusly take responsibility for his actions and take the necessary steps towards ensuring the public that he would not be causing any sort of ruckus in the future if indeed he intends to keep his role as The Flash.

That being said, we are still quite excited to see this film, and we can only hope that the film will be good enough to erase the bad press that Ezra Miller has been generating as an actor.


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