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The Batman: First Test Screening Review Claims The Film Is Awesome!

Potential spoilers for the upcoming The Batman.

The Batman 2021
Title card for Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman film

Holy s**t, Batman!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been completely inundated with a flurry of superhero film news as the world steadily inches closer to overcoming this godawful pandemic. With last week’s buzz surrounding the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, it appears that this week has given us yet another explosive revelation of another superhero we love: Batman. In the last few days, it has been reported that Warner Bros had successfully executed a test screening for the film, and one of the lucky few viewers of the aforementioned test screening (we are immensely jealous, by the way) decided to speak out about their thoughts regarding what they witnessed. Of course, it must be stated that such news should always be taken with a pinch of salt (or a fistful). Nevertheless, we figured it would be a good topic of discussion, so let us dive right in!

1. Their thoughts on Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman

Catwoman The Batman Zoe Kravitz
Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

I have a million things to say about Catwoman, she’s my favorite, holy sh*t...definitely my favorite Catwoman.

While Michelle Pfeiffer arguably holds the record of being the best portrayal of Catwoman in our book, it will, nonetheless, be exciting to see what Zoe Kravitz’s version brings to the table. That being said, what we certainly need is more of Michelle Pfeiffer and less of a Halle Berry. Ugh.

2. Their thoughts on Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice

Robert Pattinson Batman
Robert Pattinson as The Batman

His voice was perfect in my opinion.

The use of the term “perfect” here is obviously highly subjective. After all, what is the perfect Batman voice? From our perspective, the only voice that we can safely describe as being “perfect” for The Caped Crusader is Kevin Conroy’s voice performance in the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon and Arkham Series video games. Moreover, based on what we have seen in The Batman trailer, we liken Pattinson’s Batman voice to a sort of mix between Christian Bale’s influenza stricken voice and that of Rorschach from Zack Snyder’s 2009 film, Watchmen. With that said, whether this version of Batman’s voice is in fact “perfect”, or more rightly, “memorable” is anyone’s guess at the moment.

3. The cut of the film they saw was 3 hours in length

Rick English Batman Stuntman
The Batman stuntman, Rick English, is seen here giving the thumbs-up.

As delighted as we are for a 3-hour Batman flick, we must exercise a degree of caution by pointing out the fact that the film still has a ways to go before its officially slated release in March of 2022. There is a high probability that the film could be trimmed down, and depending on the level of leniency offered by the studio to the production team, we could either see the cut lose 30 - 60 minutes of its screen test runtime as a result. 

4. Their thoughts on the movie in general

Paul Dano The Riddler
Paul Dano as The Riddler

The Batman is a horror movie. Very graphic, very dark, very scary. Paul Dano is f*cking crazy, so f*cking scary I loved every second of it.

Based on the source’s statement and from what we have seen in the trailer, The Batman is, in fact, going to be arguably the darkest DC film thus far. Unverified reports up until this point have claimed that the film will function much like the crime-thriller Seven. If this is to be true, then we are all for it, as it is a step in the right direction for the studio by forging their own path of a unique superhero offering in lieu of being an ill-fitted copy of the Marvel films.

5. Their thoughts on Pattinson’s Batmobile

The Batmobile 2021
The new Batmobile

“Holy f*cking sh*t. That f*cking slayed.”

Frankly speaking, there is nothing else that we can opine about the Batmobile as of yet. But we do share a similar sentiment based on what we saw from the trailer.

6. Their closing opinion about the film

Robert Pattinson Bruce Wayne
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne

There’s a scene at the end that literally had everyone screaming, everyone it was a big NO WAY for everyone...and even I clenched [onto] a knee and was shook. It’s the biggest [mic] drop.”

If the claim by the source above is credible, then we are certainly in for quite a surprising film with an even more shocking ending. Therefore, it would be safe to say that the new Batman flick will unquestionably be rated R. Whether we react in the same manner as the source when we finally get the chance to catch this film on screen remains to be seen (or experienced).

7. Their thoughts on the possibility of a sequel

Colin Firth Penguin
From left: Colin Firth’s “The Penguin”, Robert Pattinson’s “Batman”, and Paul Dano’s “The Riddler”

Yes definitely a sequel, that’s the oh sh*t moment. I genuinely felt like they’re gonna start a whole collection of Robert Pattinson Batman movies and [cycle] through different villains maybe?

While the prospect of a sequel depends squarely on how the film performs at the box office once it is released, we would be incredibly disingenuous if we refused to say that we are most certainly looking forward to possible sequels. As for now, fingers crossed (and toes as well).

Again, it must be said that we cannot attest to the validity of the details provided by the source above. After all, we did witness such glowing reception from test audiences towards another dark and ultra-serious DC film, Batman v Superman, and well, the reception that came after that film’s release left much to be desired. Still, we shall remain cautiously optimistic that The Batman will be a success for the studio, and most importantly, among the fans. We want sequels just as much as you do.


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