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The Batman 2021 Batsuit has been Revealed, and Here Are Some Theories!

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Yes, yes, we’re a little late to the party but oh boy, it’s finally here. It’s Robert Pattinson’s Batman, accompanied by Michael Giacchino’s ominous composition. Check it out.

Possibly the most badass Batsuit to date. Everyone got a good look at the steampunk-y logo, the mechanical armor and cowl, and there are already so many comments and theories about the origins and influences that led to the design of the suit. Here are a few:

  1. The armor is believed to be inspired from both the Batman: Arkham Knight and Arkham Origins video games by Rocksteady. In the Arkham Series of video games, the Dark Knight is seen in an array of more mechanically “extra” Batsuits.
  2. The Bat Symbol is said to be the same one from the Detective Comics #1000. In that story, it is revealed that Batman melted the gun that was used to kill his parents, and use the melted parts to forge the symbol.
  3. Another thing to note is that the Bat Symbol emblazoned on the chest of Pattinson’s Batman is missing the bat head and ears. Contrary to the popularized symbol, the original Bat Symbol from the Detective Comics also had a similar design to Pattinson’s suit.
  4. The cowl is recognized to have similar stitching and design to the suit from Batman: Earth One graphic novels.
    Batman Year One Earth One

Not much has been confirmed about the suit and whether the theories are correct, probably because the suit hasn’t even been entirely revealed yet. We can however confirm that Pattinson likes the suit and is looking forward to his role as Batman. He said that the suit felt “transformative” and “powerful”. “It does feel quite transformative!” he said to Matt Reeves. During an interview with Variety, he said "once you've got it on, it's like, 'Yeah, I feel strong, I feel tough, even though I had to have someone squeezing my butt cheeks into the legs'".  

At least now we know that Pattinson is going to love playing Batman. That’s half the battle won.

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