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Fun Christmas Decor

It's that wonderful time of year! There's no shame in admitting that one of my favourite parts of the holiday season is that I get to try my hands at letting my creative juice take over and decorating my home for Christmas! With so much history, stories, and aspects to the entire holiday, it just gives me an endless array of ideas to work around with to create a stunning display (if I do say so myself!). I also really enjoy taking time to research and check out other decorative ideas to implement into my personal styling as well. There's so many different takes to art and it's always such an inspiration to find other ideas that would work wonders in your own home. I've narrowed down some swoon worthy Christmas decor ideas that I absolutely needed to share with you!



Pine cones are a great way to tell that the holiday season has started! From the scent to how aesthetically pleasing it is to be used as decor pieces, pine cones immediately put you in the festive mood. A table display like this one, is such a gorgeous feast to the eyes. Get pine cones in assorted sizes, add some faux snow spray or even spray paint or glitter works great, grab a tray to place them in and add some mix and matched candles to create the entire look. It's so simple and yet so impactful!


Who says baubles ornaments are only for the tree? String them up to create a garland and you've got yourself a unique decorative piece that makes a statement! The best part is you can get these baubles from thrift shops or even recycle old ones.


Speaking of baubles, this is such a cute and easy idea! Chances are you'll have wine glasses to spare. All you need to do is flip the glass over, fill the cup part with small bauble ornaments and add a candle on the top. I suggest those plastic tea light candles that come with batteries to avoid a huge mess. Alternatively, you can add a different statue or ornament to the top.


It'll be cold outside, or even if it isn't this is a perfect way to get snuggly and warm with a cup of hot chocolate. Create a hot chocolate bar in your kitchen! You can have easy to mix hot chocolate and some yummy treats like little marshmallows and peppermint sticks to go with it. Not only will this add on to the holiday aesthetics but it also keeps you in good spirits.


Dress up your door as a snowman! It works great with the fridge too. In both cases, only if the structure is white as that plays off as the base of the body. This is such an easy idea, and it truly does make an impact especially with the guests you have over. All you need is felt or paper to cut out the minimal details required for a snowman. 



There's nothing like balloons to show that it's a celebration, and this works great for Christmas too! Create a garland light using paper cups and balloons. You'll have giant 'lights' in your home. It may not sparkle and shine like lights do, but it really adds on to the festive.


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