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Surprise Him with the Ultimate Man Cave

Every man needs a man cave where he can basically indulge in all his hobbies and do whatever he wants. Your man — like mine — deserves a quiet retreat where he can chill out with a drink and unwind. Researchers say that this actually benefits our marriages!

Besides, I don’t think I’d want my husband’s sports memorabilia and video games lying around the house (don’t tell him I said that!). Now, all you need to do is start creating the space in your home for him. If you don’t have a basement or garage shed, you can pick a room in the house to use. Be inventive, have fun, and don’t forget the comfy chairs.


What truly sets YOUR man cave apart from the rest are the personal touches. Your man would probably want to share the space with his friends when they come over to play fantasy football or jam. I found these little cool additions that could just be the finishing touches to his little space.


f there’s two things nerds love most on planet earth, it’s comics and sci-fi! Think display, display, display! Be your man’s favourite superhero by adding these display options to spruce up his man cave. Just make sure you find out if he’s a DC or Marvel fan. They get very touchy about this! (And ladies, as I had to learn the hard way, Star Wars and Star Trek are not the same thing!).



A comic book fan will be forever grateful for this sorting system. He can keep his first edition comic publications neatly and away from kids’ itching fingers - if they ever wandered into his man cave.


What’s a man to do after a hard day’s work inan office run by Sith Lords? Grab a drink ofcourse! This mini R-2-D-2 refrigerator keeps his beers and other beverages chilled and ready for consumption as soon as he comes home from the blazing hot Tattooine.


And to spruce things up even more, how about getting some comic-book inspired decals to use on the walls of his man cave?


The gaming geek is all about organisation, storage and cheat codes. Think of his man cave as a shrine for all the greatest games ever made in the history of video and computer games.




Gamers love it when they’re entering a secret passage or discover a secret room in a video game. His man cave is not much of a secret but you can signify it more with a bunch of game-inspired knick knacks like this rug from ThisIsWhyImBroke , these Mario and Legend of Selda themed drink coasters from Etsy, or This Xbox controller table which his guys would really love when they come over for game time.




No matter what music genre he likes, or which era of music he enjoys most, you can create a music haven in his man cave.

This sculpture displayed in the reception area at PPL in London’s Upper James Street represents music. You can recreate this piece in different shapes using various sized speakers.


Repurposing music instruments and old cassette tapes gives the room a nostalgic feel. Keep it classy with earthy tones or bring it up to funky times by playing with colours. These are fun additions to your man cave decor. Get this on Etsy or do-it-yourself.

Don’t see your man-type on the list? That’s okay! What makes a man cave is pretty simple: large television screen, plenty of comfortable seating, game tables and probably arcade games. Make sure there’s plenty of non-perishables and drinks to keep him full. And remember, whether your man’s a fixer upper, a sports fanatic or just the classic gentle-man; draw inspiration from what he’s most passionate.

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