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Stencils To Up Your Decor Game

This is my latest obsession and it truly isn't one I think will ever fade away. Stencils have been around for ages, and honestly, they've not been given the limelight and love they truly deserve. I went on a huge Do It Yourself (diy) fix only using stencils to recycle, reuse and give life to old furniture I wanted to throw away and managed to not only salvage them, but also sell them off online because people thought they were so unique and pretty! I bet you're used to seeing stencils on the wall, but there's so much more that can be done in terms of decor. Here's a few ideas that will get you ready to up your decor game using stencils! Trust me, it's addictive in a completely positive way.



This old wooden table top was given a brand new facelift using just a mandala stencil and some white paint. The wood itself gives a rustic, wear and tear rugged look to it and the stencilled design on it add a touch of chic design. Perfect for a bohemian inspired home, or even just as a wall decor piece that makes a statement.


Refurbish old furniture into something brand new and creative that you can show off! This piece was thrown away in a dumpster when the person who found it decided it was worth so much more, hence giving it a whole new look. You not only save money, you also get to try your hands at creating something. Alternatively, this also makes for a good gift!



Decor doesn't just stop with the home, your gifts should be decorated too! Christmas is the season of giving and how adorable is this packaging using plain paper and stencilling little ornaments on it? This way you get to customise the design, making it a signature look so people know its from you and there's endless options to play around with too! Why stop at Christmas? There's many other reasons to give presents and this is just the way to customise them.


Wooden floorings are such a dream! They immediately add the earthy tones to any home without any work, and make it easy to mix and match furniture. However the cons of wooden flooring is that it can get a little rough looking with wear and tear, which is why its always a great idea to finds ways to upgrade the look and feel of it. Stencils not only let you have some pattern on it, but also double as art work that enhance your home.


The ceiling needs some loving too! Often neglected, the ceiling provides so many opportunities to decorate. Instead of floor as suggested earlier, why not take it upwards to the ceiling? The concept is similar, only this time you have a canvas above your heads. Either way, it's a gorgeous idea to utilise the space.


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