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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In Style!

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and that constitutes the colour green, Irish leprechauns and of course, a pint (or 10) of good ol' Stout! 

If you're not in smack in the middle of the Heart of the Isles, that doesn't necessarily mean the celebration is reserved for bars and restaurants. We too can get the luck of the Irish on our side by bringing the celebration to us! 


I know I couldn't be bothered to find a sitter for the kids this St. Patrick's Day and by right, our sitters should be out celebrating the day everyone is automatically Irish!  This year, instead of the hubby and I go out and about town to our favourite bars and restaurants with friends, we decided we'll do our friends a solid by having them over for some homemade Guinness Irish Stew Lamb and drinks! We'll also keep it kid-friendly so the kids can hang around until its bedtime. 



Wreaths are all the fad for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more. So, why not make one for St. Patrick’s Day? They’re easy to make and you can pretty much reuse ornaments you may already have at home. Of course, we're going to stick to whites, blacks and a whole lot of green. Pretty affordable. Your door is the first impression and you want your guests to feel like they're about to walk into what may be the best night of their lives! 

Getting the kids involved in the decorating process is already a celebration on its own. Pick out a variety of green, silver or other colours that can help the green pop more; and have your kids help you decide on the combination. With mesh, ribbons and wreath work, you can create a one-of-a-kind St Patrick's Day wreath. See the full instructions here.  

Not a fan of the screaming Irish green? Opt for a more natural look with one that's made out of suitable leaves (artificial is optional.) You can spruce it up further with a couple of baby breaths or berries in the mix. 

Another option and this is actually my favourite! The Faux Succulent Wreath is just to die for! And, it creates an almost whimsical feel to the entire St. Patrick's Day vibe at home! I may just choose to do this. 



I love the idea of using live plants to add to one's home. You can use live moss, but that can be a bit pricey and I’m sure artificial moss would look just lovely too! If you like to keep it minimalistic, go for a black and white tablecloth, it adds a touch of modern simplicity to the entire look while still keeping ambience festively Irish with hints of green.

This will definitely bring texture to your dining table and make your guests feel as if they're having an actual dining experience at some fancy Ireland place! And what's more is that I just absolutely love how this could go from St. Pats straight to your Easter table!  

 You can even upgrade your simple green napkins for the special occasion with a clever napkin-folding trick for a four-leaf clover table setting detail. 

Floral arrangements can definitely enhance your table setting. Green, white and gold call for a very elegant setting for guests to enjoy dinner before. Light green florals and green leaves will give you a soft whimsical look which when combined with rustic tones can highlight a very earth forest feel.



Colours, colours, colours rule the kids' corner! Prepare fun goodie bags, candies and pastries for the evening. Although, if there's sugar involved; you should probably let them all enjoy their sweet treats earlier in the day before the adults get down to some serious St. Pat's business. Use clear jars to display your enticing treats!


If you're planning in on having somewhat of a buffet concept, you can have a display table of treats where both the adults and kids can flock to for delicious treats as well.  


Last but not least, what is St Patrick's Day without a bar? If the kids can have a fun little corner, so can we! Don't forget to include your favourite snacks and cocktails in the mix! You can even chill your beer or stout if you get yourself a good cooler. Just remember the mantra: Green, White, Black!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! 

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