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Spooktacular Halloween Home Decor

I love Halloween! The whole concept of it and the idea of incorporating some spook-tacular designs into my home truly excites the creative juices in me. Halloween doesn't have to be cliche scary and creepy crawly decorations, tacky plastic pieces and over the top scary monsters, it can be kept simple, chic and classy for those who want something more boo-tiful as opposed to terrifying. Of course, it's easier said than done but with these amazing ideas as inspiration, there's no doubt that it can be achieved effortlessly. I can't wait to try these for when I have guests over this Halloween.


As morbid as it may seem, but skulls and skeletons are a huge part of Halloween decor. Take it up a notch with the class factor by spray painting plastic skulls a gorgeous metallic shade (like this gold!) and adding on silk flowers in darker shades such as maroon or even black to keep it to the original scare colour scheme. This make some deadly gorgeous centre pieces!



Looking for something more fun? These spray painted pumpkins are oh so adorable in their pastel shades with even more cute quotes on them! If pastel isn't your thing and you want to focus on a more darker colour palette, that works too! Imagine these in black and gold, they'd look just as amazing. Who says you can't have fun with colours for Halloween anyway?



These stained glass spiderweb corners truly make awesome magical & whimsical decorations! Just the very look of it screams magic due to the colours and how they dance when light hits it. Seriously, I can't get over how classy this is!


Mini pumpkins aren't just adorable because of their size, they look amazing placed in glass jars for decorations too! It's such an easy and effective idea for a display that requires almost minimal effort.



Bats are associated with witches and witches are associated with Halloween, so this wreath is a perfect idea for any home. Using dried twigs to create a circle design and cut out foam or paper bats in black to make it look like they're flying, nesting or perched on the decor piece is a really cool idea.



Exchange some family portraits at home with these spooky designed prints in needlepoint frames for Halloween. Classic vintage designs such as these really elevate the style factor, which keeping it spooky too.


Recycle old wine glasses to create these really cool decoration pieces for your table. Spray painting it and drawing on or stencilling some Halloween inspired motif, and topping the wine bottle off with either a tall candle or even twigs can make for a really gorgeous design.


Add spiderwebs EVERYWHERE! No seriously, the whole concept of spiderwebs is to make the place seem untouched but obviously your home that is usually filled with love needs a little spook factor. Make webs from glue, black glitter & wax paper.


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