Soraya Tavakoli (Image from fb)

Kismet Decals has collaborated with Soraya Tavakoli for some time now, and we simply "LOVE" her artwork. She is one of Kismet's much celebrated and highly sought after artist.

As a professional artist, Soraya is a children's book illustrator, and she has also embarked in baby products and animation projects.

Her works connects with people from all walks of life - may they be children, mothers who are into wall-decal decoration, career women who would like to add some colors on their laptop...Soraya's work is meant for anyone and everyone, who enjoys a splash of radiance and vibrance in their lives.

Robin and Rabbit

Soraya who started her work as a children book illustrator, has some interesting child-like 'favorites' in her, such as liking ice cream and animals.These 'favorites' of Soraya's are beautifully depicted in her work.



Forest Buds

And ohhh! did I tell you that her favorite color is RED!

Beautiful Daydreamer

Kismet Decals is excited and delighted to feature Soraya's art pieces in our collection. We carry both the Regular-sized and Miniature-sized decals of her work.

Dear Deer   - sample of regular-sized decal

More of Soraya Tavakoli's work will be featured in our postings within this week...stay tuned:
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Soraya Tavakoli 3: Cheer Up Your Little Ones' Room!