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Sofa Styling Tips

Most families spend a lot of quality time together in the living room, making the sofa the most important aspect of that space to take into consideration. Not only should it be big and comfortable, it should look good too! When guests drop-by, first impressions count and a sofa without additional styling can look incredibly bland and tasteless. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about comfort, but there this thing about style and substance that I feel can go hand in hand when done right. Need ideas to give your sofa new life? Sofa styling is the thing you need and I've got it covered right here!



Pillows play such a big role when it comes to sofas, and honestly, what better way to style a sofa than by having some pillow to make the whole experience a little cosier?. Plan a theme you want to go with the colour scheme and take it up a notch by mixing and matching the designs as shown above. Some pastels in contrast with marble designed pillows really stand out.


Having mix matched designs are great, especially when done tastefully. Add on to the mix match of colours, with an extra mix of textures as well. This way you not only get a different look, but a different feel when you touch the fabric too. It adds depth and style to any sofa styling effortlessly.


Different shaped pillows also can help create a different look, or characteristic to the entire look and feel of the sofa.  For example, this lemon shaped pillow doubles as a design decor piece as well as a stuffed toy. There are many types of styles, designs, and ideas that can be used for when picking shaped pillows. The best part is you can dress up the sofa according to themes too, and who doesn't love themes?!



Having your sofa decorated with pillows in symmetry and balance is a great way to create an impact to the space. It gives a polished look effortlessly or can even give you more of an edgy feel when done differently. The whole concept behind how it is arranged is to make it have a distinctive look without having to do too much to it. The classic way is by really maintaining symmetry which means two pillows on each end arranged the same way, and replicated in design as well.


Add on to the cozy factor (and styling factor, of course!) with a huge throw blanket. I personally love these huge knitted designs as they are not only chic but also really soft and comfortable to use. This is also a great way to add a pop of colour to minimalistic sofa styling and designs. There are so many varieties and styles to choose from, which makes it easy to swap and match to suit every occasion.


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