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Playful Designs To Add Life To The Apartment

It's been an incredibly exciting time these past few months as I've submerged myself completely into redecorating and re-doing an apartment a friend had just purchased. I must say, it's fantastic having something I enjoy doing as a side project that keeps me on my toes with all things interior design. Being so used to making all the creative and decorating decisions, it was quite nerve wrecking to plan it for someone else. Playing around with fun and functionality designs gave me so many ideas and here are some I'm dying to share with you!




Usually overlooked and only focused on for wiping your feet, a mat can really make an aesthetic difference. An important thing to take into account is that apartments are usually small and shouldn't be too crowded. Believe it or not, small objects make the biggest impact! With so many interesting mats ranging from different colours, prints and artwork, there's definitely one that's bound to catch your eye. Here's a throwback to Mean Girls — which most of us can admit to have seen at least once!




Unleash your inner child by adding toys and figurines into your homes overall look. There's nothing that says fun more than toys do (even for adults!). It could be something prominent like having a display of some pretty cool gadgets, or something as cute and simple as having blocks of Lego in your soap dispenser just to add colour and an element of fun to something as basic as washing your hands. Plus, you can never go wrong with Lego! (until you step on one!)




Not used for just bars these days, neon signboards are making waves in the interior decorating world and I absolutely can't get enough of them! Playful, exciting and depending on what kind of statement you're trying to make, cheeky, it definitely is a must have in any home that wants to add an element of funk to its look.




I can't emphasise any more how colours can turn any environment into a playful and lively one without much effort. If you're just hearing about paint dipping, you need to try it at least once. Its a cost effective and easy way to incorporate colours into your home. From utensils (as shown below), to chairs, frames and pretty much anything else you're willing to dip in paint, the colours on usually plain items really stand out making it a great way to decorate the smallest of spaces.




Your personal space shows off your personal style and showcasing artwork is a great way to add that creative touch. I love feature walls with tons of frames, with artwork from various artists or even quotes to create an art gallery vibe. The best part is you can do it according to themes, seasons or even your mood. And if you're looking for a fuss-free alternative, try mixing and matching decals together to create your own piece of art or montage.

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