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Wall Photograph Ideas

With cameras being so easily accessible, especially with smartphones having such amazing megapixels that enable you to take pictures that look like it's been taken by a professional camera, chances are you've captured some gorgeous moments worth being display in your home. I love pictures, they always have a memory, a story or a loved one featured in it which makes it truly special to keep. Call me old fashioned, but I love getting them printed out too! It's always a nice touch having photographs at home, and mine are usually displayed on the walls of my home.


There are many ways you can frame up a picture to display it, but having them up on the wall somehow feels almost like an exhibition, and in this an exhibition of memories worth sharing. It also serves a reminder of how lucky I've been to have been blessed with those people, places and memories in my life. If there's an empty wall at home, you should convert it to picture display wall. Here's some ideas on how you can create one effortlessly.


Traditionally, a minimalistic wall with pictures already in frames are ideal. This is especially for those who like a structured clean look. Alternatively, you can mix and match types of frames (and even colours of the frames!) to create a collage of sorts. There's no strict rule, just your imagination and decorating skills at this point. 



Create a wall hanging using your pictures as the display of it. There's something cool about wall hangings and how they dress up a wall without creating too much of a mess and its easy to remove, replace and restyle. Look how basic it is but what a beautiful impact it makes!


This may seem a little old school, but polaroids are making a comeback! There are even shops that print images on polaroid films to let you have that nostalgic classic feel. Use a large frame and loop strings across it to enable you to clip your polaroids to it. Not only is it inexpensive, it looks really cool and allows you to move your pictures around of even replace them without any fuss.




Having shelves to store decorative pieces are always a good idea, and this time it works like a charm when it comes to framed photographs. This allows you to arrange images as well as mix and match frames of different sizes to create a contrast in your design.



We've seen some old school designs, now it's time to keep it modern with something geometric and hipster-like. It's so easy to create this as it requires some nails in the wall and twine to wrap around it to create your preferred shape. How cool does this look with just a small portion done? Imagine if it was an entire wall!



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