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Past Meets Present

Call it what you want: traditionalist meets modernist or vintage mix contemporary. Antique furniture in modern homes are a tale as old as time. And, because of construction techniques and labour costs, antiques are usually of better quality than something new for the same price. 

You can spend thousands on one of a kind cabinets and dressers or visit the local flea market to get beautifully crafted pieces to furnish your home.  


Forget the matchy-matchy catalogue look! Furnishing your home with pieces that are (or look like) furnishing from different eras add texture and character.  


Take a deep breath and keep an open mind. Have a sense of adventure! Its your chance to create an uniquely individual up-to-date look. Its important to pick a piece that will function well to meet specific needs at home. Lets have a look at what Ive scoured online! These are great looks for some areas in your home.  




This is an excellent example of a good vintage mix and form meets function styled eclectic kitchen. Stainless steel countertops, modern equipment, open shelves, rustic cabinets and silver pendant lamps. The rustic sky blue cabinet stands out with metallic vases and a modern painting hanging over it. I feel an old Scandinavian-meet-Italian-coffee-shop vibe looking at this clever mix.  




I believe your front door says a lot about what you and your family represent. Or gives your guests a glimpse into how your world behind those doors might be. You know that feeling when youre waiting outside someones home for Christmas? Contemplating whether or not the $2 wine was enough? Well, thats on you but once that door opens, youre in for a surprise! Walking into new homes or the same ol’ buddys pad over the holiday season always feels like a Narnia moment for me!  


You can get antique furnishings anywhere. And just like other wooden fixtures and furnitures, a little TLC goes a long way. 

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