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Announcing: Collaboration with Nika Larkina


We're happy to reveal our latest collaboration with illustrator Nika Larkina living all the way in Kiev, Ukaine. She's a student who aspires to be a children's book illustrator. Her drawings are really fun and gets you in the mood for playtime!

Nika realized her love for drawing when she was a child but didn't get to do it much when she started high school. She started drawing digitally only 2 years ago and we're glad she decided to follow her passion!

These days, part of her daily goal is to produce 8 sketches using pencil or ink and one digital illustration. When she has some extra time to spare, she dabbles in watercolor portraits and illustrations on plywood using tempera paint.

Through some of her creative work, you can guess that Nika is a big fan of cartoons and fairies. She loves the idea of being involved in children's story-telling; the thought of being part of someone's childhood nostalgia is soul-fulfilling. Nika dreams of being the one to bring to life the characters in story books that will stay with people for the rest of their lives.

 "I think it's so important to share stories and imaginative imagery with children from a young age to help them on their way to becoming well-adjusted and creative adults one day."


Nika obviously realizes the importance of introducing art and creativity to children and she translates this aspiration well through her illustrations. Her artwork definitely entices one's imagination, which in turn inspires you to get creative too!


Here at Kismet Decals, we're more than happy to be able to support an independent artist's passion - to make good art available to everybody all around the world!

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