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No Way Home: Why Doc Ock Is A Sight For Sore Eyes

Possible spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Doc Ock
A now de-aged Alfred Molina, reprising his role as Doc Ock in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Continuing our breakdown of the coolest moments from the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, we have decided to take a look at what, or should we say “who”, is arguably the greatest moment teased in the trailer itself: the return of Doctor Octopus.

Why we love Doc Ock

Ask any fan about who is the best live-action Spidey villain to date, whether it be in the Maguire, Garfield, or Holland films, and we can almost certainly guarantee that Otto Octavius comes out on top, with the Green Goblin coming in at a close second.

The reason Doctor Octopus is so beloved by both comic book and film fans is not solely based on the fact that he is one of the top three most popular Spider-Man antagonists, but also due to the portrayal delivered by Alfred Molina in the 2004 film, Spider-Man 2.

In case you may have forgotten, back in the early 2000s, during the humble days where superhero films were concerned, there existed a substantial amount of skepticism when it was first announced that Alfred Molina was set to play the main baddie in the second Sam Raimi-led movie. This was because not many moviegoers were all that familiar with Molina’s work as an actor prior to the announcement, and with Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin being a tough act to follow, fans wondered why a more well-known actor was not chosen to take on the iconic role.

But boy, were they wrong. Not only did Molina deliver a terrifically villainous portrayal of the character, but his charm and charisma as a thespian-cum-film actor made for a performance that exuded the right balance of intelligence and madness, humanity and machine-like cruelty, making him a multi-layered, almost Shakespearean-like antagonist that audiences could easily sympathize with despite his dastardly deeds.

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What is next for Doc Ock

Suppose the inclusion of Otto Octavius in No Way Home is more than just a bait and switch or brief cameo appearance. In that case, we, as fans, can certainly hope for the possibility of the Sinister Six, of which Doctor Octopus is a founding member, being added to the current MCU franchise. This would undoubtedly be a welcome incorporation to the live-action Spider-Man storyline and the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. It would be viewed as a second chance to revive the concept of the villainous line-up, as the interconnected Marvel franchise provides ample room for the remaining members of the Sinister Six to be introduced gradually, as opposed to the rushed and messy implementation teased in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 back in 2014.


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