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No Way Home: How Will The Spell Affect Peter & MJ’s Relationship

Possible spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Zendaya and Tom HollandMJ and Peter, seen here chilling on a rooftop

Like our previous articles regarding what we believe are the most fascinating things about the No Way Home trailer, we have decided to jump right in once again, and this time explore a subtle point of interest that might not have crossed fans’ minds amidst the heap of epicness that the trailer has offered us thus far: How Doctor Strange’s spell affects Peter and MJ in the long run.

To take a quick trip down memory lane, MJ & Peter had officially become a couple during the last few minutes of 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. Based on the information provided in the No Way Home trailer, we can assume that the two have been an item for a brief couple of months following Spidey’s secret identity being revealed to the world. Therefore, we are curious to see if the film offers up a compelling subplot regarding the pair’s newfound romance. That being said, we have taken the liberty of offering two theories of our own, mere speculation for now, of what could possibly occur to their relationship once Doctor Strange’s spell is completed.

1. MJ breaks things off with Peter

This would be heartbreaking for most fans to see, as Peter and MJ’s budding romance has not yet had the time to be explored on screen fully. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that Peter’s actions might result in irreparable damage to his relationship with MJ, as the latter might not appreciate being left out of the decision-making process to have the spell performed, that is, if Peter tells her about the spell at all. Granted, it can be argued that Peter was not cognizant that Strange’s spell would blanket the entire world, but it would still reflect poorly on Peter regardless. On the plus side, if the Spidey couple does end up going their separate ways, this could open up the possibility of Gwen Stacy being introduced into the MCU. That would be an intriguing narrative arc to follow in future films should this theory become a reality.

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2. MJ and Peter stay as a couple, but Peter hides the truth that he is Spider-Man

If Strange’s spell takes effect and becomes irreversible, this theory would be seen as more in line with the more traditionalist interpretation of the superhero’s lore. In the comic books, Spidey’s secret identity is one that the character holds close to his chest, and the storylines often reflect how imperative it is for anyone to never learn of his secret identity. Hence, it could open up the possibility for new conflicts to brew, which could make for more enthralling story arcs to be seen in the future. And on the plus side, Peter and MJ can still remain an item, making it a sort of win-win scenario for the fans.

Of course, this is merely excitement predicated conjecture for now.



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