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Monochrome Trends & Why We Love Them

 Black & white and everything in between those colors never go out of style. The staple pieces in my wardrobe consist of these colors as they are the easiest to match and play around with, and this applies to the home too. Classy, elegant and chic, monochrome is the way to go with any space that's looking for a clean and professional feel. The simple contrasts between these colors play around with mood and dominance to create a balanced timeless look for any home.


The monochrome palette seems simple, doesn't it? With its basic color and shades, there's still so much that can be done in terms of look and feel. It could be as easy as a white room with decorations following the color waves, a mismatch of trendy geometric patterns that can either make the room look funky or keep it clean with the usage of lines and texture or go the industrial route by playing with different objects of metal and woodwork (painted of course) to give it a grungy, urban feel. The options are endless and either way, I love just how much these basic colors can create when they’re used together.

Simplicity is key when it comes to monochrome, yet it still demands attention to detail. I love that something as simple as a white wall with black-framed abstract painting or just a plain black decal quote on it truly makes a huge difference in how a room ends up looking.

I also really love that by adding a touch of metallic to monochrome, you get an instant classy chic vibe. I’d personally opt for copper or rose gold as it’s subtle but pops out enough to grab attention.


Having a monochrome room doesn't mean that it has to be boxed up as something that's boring and plain. You can add warmth and a homely vibe to it by adding warm lights, some wooden or rattan fixtures and furniture. Use more subtle tones of wood if you want to keep the room looking neutral. Adding plants (especially big, leafy ones) help give a beautiful contrast to an otherwise 'serious' color wave. Sometimes less truly is more.


Another monochrome decor trend that I can't get enough of are marble fittings. From dining tables to counter tops, the beautiful swirl and unpredictable consistency of marbled designs are definitely eye-catching and have a nostalgic classic appeal to them. Trends have a funny way of being recycled and coming back to create with full force. Marble and monochrome have always been a class of their own and never really go out of style, just adapted in different ways.


Keep in mind that monochrome is mostly associated with a 'modern' look, and quite frankly, there's nothing wrong with that. It can easily be mixed and matched to create different vibes according to what you like. 

Besides, a modern room can easily be transformed into something completely different by just adding a rug, some throw pillows and decorative pieces. Don't be afraid to go monochrome, start small and see where it takes you! 

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