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Mix & Match Tile Trend

Tiles have been used in homes for centuries. They’re durable and versatile, and are typically mostly in ceramic or porcelain forms. When I asked my mom why we had mostly tiled floors growing up, she said they were the easiest to clean. Honestly, now that I care for my own household, I couldn't agree more especially with having pets and toddlers around. No longer just for floors, tiles are being used for every part of the home because of how gorgeous they look.

Gone are the days where tiles are only used in one style or colour to match the space its being used in. I'm completely inspired by the mismatched tile trend and am sure you'll be too once you see how you can incorporate it into your home. I've put together a quick collection of a few that have caught my eye. Here they are:


Dual-toned tiles are stunning! They give you a gradient or ombre look without trying too hard. You can play around with colour palettes to create a specific look you'd like too. Maybe something that reminds you of the ocean and its waves, or something playful with colours or even one that has tones like a sunset as the sky turns a gorgeous shade of orange. Either way, dual-toned tiles make a great addition to any home.


You want tiled floors but your partner wants wooden ones. Here is the perfect compromise to the problem. Use both to create not just a different colour but also a play on textures and styles. I can't get over how chic and contemporary this is, but at the same time so simple.


Need a little character added to your space without having to worry too much? Mixing and matching patterned tiles can create a funky finish. There are endless options of motifs to choose from for your tiles and some places even offer customisation and printing, which also means you can get your own art on them.


For a more subtle mix and match, you can opt for the same shades or tones to create a fun look without going crazy on the colours. I love monochrome schemes, so mixing patterns in these colours can create a subdued chic look while still making a statement. Besides, this style enables you to further experiment with decorating the rest of the space as it won't look over the top.

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