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Make Your Home Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

There's nothing quite like going to a spa to fix aching, tired muscles, a bad mood, and a dire need to unwind. The soothing music, the relaxing ambience, and oh, that lovely scent that immediately puts you at ease. I used to wish I could go to a spa every day to unwind. But that would have been terribly heavy on my wallet. So I set out to make this dream a reality, by turning my home bathroom into a spa. I may not have a masseuse and beauty therapist waiting on hand, but my space is set up for a lot of self-pampering.


Looking to achieve a certain mood? Light it. Get dim lights, or if you don't have those, invest in lots and lots of candles. With so many types you can choose from, you'll have the mood lighting up and going in no time. Kill two birds with one stone by using scented candles to help with the aromatherapy factor in your little home spa.    



No scented candles? No problem. Incense and essential oils will save the day. This way you can change scents on a regular basis. Another trick for a great smelling spa bathroom is adding a few drops of essential oil on your hand towels, or even the cardboard part of your tissue roll. It'll keep the place smelling divine all day. For a more authentic spa experience, pick soothing scents like lemongrass, lavender or my personal favourite eucalyptus as those have calming properties.  



As simple as this may seem, it's often neglected that fresh towels make a world of difference after a shower. The crisp, clean towels make the experience a better one (especially if it happens to be warm!) Colours like white or a neutral pastel shade add on to the whole spa look. 


This is my favourite bit of all, the beautifully scented and aesthetically pleasing lotions and potions that make the ultimate spa experience. Organic brands are the best as they have a more earthy, natural scent. If you have the time to make your own products, even better! Scrubs are especially easy to make and there's so many ways to incorporate your personal touch and scent preference.  

Dont forget to store these products in nice bottles to give it a spa look. Wooden spoons, and tinted glass jars are especially pleasing to look at when used.   



Adding greenery can make all the difference. Adding potted plants not only helps with how the whole place looks, but also keeps the air purified and clean for you. There's something about adding parts of nature (plants) to your bathroom that makes it immediately feel zen and more relaxing. 


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