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Part 2: Soraya Tavakoli - Liven' Up Your Living Room with Sorayas'!

There always comes a time when your living room just feels kind of archaic, stuffy, and just plainly in need of some love and affection. Now normally the first thing that would come to one's mind would be stuffs like a new wall color, a trendy rug or maybe some colorful new curtains. But have you ever thought about vinyl decors? 
They're stunning, eye-catching, and can literally brighten up your living space in an instant! Depending on the kind of vinyl decor you choose, you can totally inject some personality into your living room. Just like this piece called Beautiful Daydreamer by the talented Soraya Tavakoli. Showcase your love for wanderlust and big dreams with this beautiful piece with a hint of "Alice in Wonderland" vibes!
Ever wanted a truly whimsical garden with sparkly fairies but that's just all in your imagination? Well, your fairy tale garden might just come true with this enchanting Musical Fairies decor! These faeries are armed with musical instruments to make sure you get a good night's sleep and a lovely day ahead. You'll definitely be adding a sprinkle of fairy dust into your household!
Calling all bunny lovers, this uplifting piece called Nice To Gnome You is definitely a must have for your blank walls! It depicts Little Rabbit striking up a conversation with Mr. Gnome who is out watering his lovely garden. This is sure to also strike conversations with your guests and it is also an ideal gift for any of your bunny loving friends!
Little Rabbit loves you "gnome matter what"; gnome pun intended! Well if you're not a fan of gnomes then this aesthetic illustration of Robin accompanying Rabbit to post a special letter to his best friend Elephant might just be the one you'll want to feast your eyes on! I especially love the firetruck red post box and also the ethereal flora and fauna surrounding it.
So instead of getting a faux deer head to mount it on top of the wall, what about an endearing vinyl wall sticker to brighten up your space? Bring in some peace and calm with this serene piece called Dear Deer which depicts a deer having the most relaxing day ever! Let Little Deer remind you to take a break once in a while, take it easy, and just go with the flow of things.
Vinyl decors come in two sizes (large and miniature) and colors and it totally always leaves a trail of personality and quirkiness wherever you choose to use it as a home decoration pieces or even smaller decors for like your laptops, notebooks and smaller spaces! Have a look at Dear Deer Mini
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