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"It's Kismet!" Announcing: Collaboration with Dana Design Illustration

With happy faces, we would like to introduce lovely Dana Tanasa of Dana Design Illustration into the Kismet Decals artist community. She graces us with dreamy watercolor paintings and ink illustrations (find her on Instagram @danutzi), enough to evoke a sense of harmony in one's heart. Her detailed paintings of wild animals and plants caught our eye and for that, we're excited to have Dana share her work with Kismet Decals.

We asked Dana to tell us more about herself and her sources of inspiration:

"Hi, my name is Dana, I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Belgium. I live in a small town near Brussels, with my partner, our daughter and our 2 cats. I've always loved drawing and painting but only took myself seriously at 27 when I went back to school to study graphic art and design and I never looked back.

I have been drawing and painting since I can remember; I also love coloring now and then and I would never trade my wonderful brushes and watercolor pans for my tablet. I actually need both.

I find inspiration in our beautiful nature, in little glimpses of it in my garden, in distant places from my childhood and sometimes in vintage books of mountain flowers. Lately, I have also found interest in geometric and more abstract forms.

Working in this creative field has its ups and downs but every day I feel happy to be able to express my love of nature through my illustrations and I truly hope I manage to inspire others to pursue their dreams and express their magic."

We're especially excited about her series of Zodiac Illustrations. She gives the signs her own interpretation and it turns out to be the perfect blend of art and astrology in one piece.

The awesome thing about Dana's artwork is that both adults and children can relate and connect to them. That's a win-win situation in our books *wink*. If we had to choose just one favorite piece, it would have to be 'Wild and Free'; we're always down for anything animal-themed, really!

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