Announcing: Collaboration with Bettyjoy Design Studio | Kismet Decals

Announcing: Collaboration with Bettyjoy Design Studio

It's our pleasure to have Lucia Wilkinson, the creative mind behind Bettyjoy Design Studio, collaborate with Kismet Decals. I was hooked as soon as I caught sight of her collection of super cute animals (follow her on Instagram, @bettyjoydesignstudio!) looking good enough for sleepy-time cuddles. For now, I'll settle for having some of her artwork on my walls and (maybe, but yes definitely soon, who knows) my laptop.

I'll just leave it to Lucia to tell you about herself:

"I'm Lucia, I grew up in a wild and beautiful village in the North Pennines called Alston where my mum ran an art and craft gallery. I used to 'help' her out from an early age and even got to sell my handmade wares in the gallery. My first sale was aged 6 when a kind old lady bought a man made from plasticine for 20p.

After my daughter was born I worked very hard to become an illustrator/designer.  I currently work as a freelance designer for the lovely Lemon Ribbon Studio. My designs have been used on all kinds of products from children's wear, bedding and stationery to pet products and public art (large scale vinyl designs for use in public spaces on walls and windows).

My love of nature inspires my designs. As a child, some nature-loving friends and I created our own nature group (creatively named TCFN aka The Club For Nature) which met in our garden shed and went off exploring the countryside looking for clues, collecting specimens and often marched round the garden with placards with 'Don't Stamp on Bees' and other catchy slogans painted on them.   As you can see, nature is still a passion for me and I want to bring that passion to other people's homes with my designs.  I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it."


Bettyjoy Design Studio's mission is to bring more happy to your home with their bright-eyed and bushy-tailed designs.

I love it that Lucia strives to bring the wild (and tame) outdoors in so that children may grow to love and care about animals and plants while learning about them along the way. Her cute woodland animals help to stimulate one's imagination, and that's always a good thing, especially for the little ones.

Kismet Decals is lucky to have Lucia join us and I can't wait to see where her inspiration and creativity brings her next!

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