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"It's Kismet!" Announcing: Collaboration with Aleksandra Szmidt

We're excited to have illustrator Aleksandra Szmidt join our ever-growing artist community here at Kismet Decals!

Her adorable and fun-loving characters are sure to steal your little ones' hearts. Get a sneak preview of her work through her Instagram page!

We'll let Aleksandra introduce herself:

"My name is Aleksandra Szmidt. I grew up in a town in the south of Poland. Currently I’m living in New Zealand. In Poland I worked as a graphic designer. When I moved, I decided it was time to pursue my big dream- now I work as a freelance illustrator for clients all over the world from my home studio.

Since I can remember, I liked to draw and create different things. I studied landscape architecture, it could be the reason why I enjoy drawing plants and animals. I like to think of animals as people; going on special adventures, having big dreams, and getting into funny situations or predicaments.

These are the main themes of my work - things often detached from reality. I’m a big fan of traditional methods of creation like: watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, and ink.

I like to sketch everywhere and invent characters, stories and other magical worlds. This isn’t just a job, it's a lot of fun for me and has become a big part of my life. I really love my work and I feel an emotional connection with all my pictures."

We especially love the colored pencil effects on some of Aleksandra's artwork! With her artwork turned into wall decals, they make our wall look as if she had personally come over to paint them! We can really feel the carefree and cheerful vibes through her drawings, maybe because Aleksandra herself is a sweet and friendly person.

We're so happy to be able to share her artwork with everyone all around the world!

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