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It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It' that a Mustache??

Oh have we got something to share, but first, a quick recap..

So let's be honest. DC has not been doing as well as Marvel in the film-making department, and we've been presented with mind-numbingly awkward renditions of the Suicide Squad - Joker in particular, Justice League, and Batman v Superman. Among the worst shots that we had the pleasure of visually consuming was the infamous CGI mouth of Supes in the Justice League.

Superman CGI

Remember those awkward lips? Yup, that was when Henry Cavill was shooting Mission Impossible: Fallout, and was called back by Joss Whedon to do re-shoots of Justice League. Unfortunately for Cavill, he had a mustache at the time that had to be contractually present for his character in Mission Impossible: Fallout, and the Justice League crew had to sur-CGI-cally remove his mustache for their re-shoots. Oh boy. Some fans believe that Whedon might have been DC's biggest villain in 2017.

 Anyway, fast-forwarding to a week ago, shots from 2017's Justice League movie were leaked and guess who's in them? It's Super-stache! Feast your eyes.

 Fans can finally sleep in peace. Here's a fun mustached version of the trailer by David Johns on YouTube - Dawn of Justache. Can he shave the world?

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