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10 Crazy Unique Staircase Designs

If you’re building a home with two floors and you don’t want the generic staircase, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled 10 unique staircase designs to help spark your inspiration

Distinctive staircases will add such a sophisticated character to your home that it will help keep your house guests talking. Adding this unique statement staircase, will completely change your home layout and revamp it.


Stone Staircase Design

This design gives you the modern vibes. It makes you feel like you’re stepping down on some futuristic style rocks or maybe some long lost mountain with fancy large rocks.


Floating Staircase Design

This staircase is definitely not for the faint of heart but it gives you that psychedelic vibe. With its brilliant minimalistic appearance, it will heighten the aesthetic of your home.


Lively Staircase Design

Help add a statement color to your staircase design. With its aesthetic appearance, it will bring a vibrant energy to your home and give your guests and yourself a sunny and happy mood.


Slide and Staircase Design

Bring out your inner child and add this staircase to your home. You could even let your children slide down by adding another slide next to the staircase. Your kids will love it, and even you, no one’s judging.


Cantilevered Staircase Design

This is such a unique staircase. It will bring out the ooohh and aahhs when you have guests over. Such a perfect statement piece for a bold hallway.


Spiral Plexiglass Staircase Design

Yet another futuristic vibe can be given when you add this piece to your home! It brings out a whole new contemporary look to your hallway.


Swirl Staircase Design

Although this staircase is an ordinary staircase, it looks so different from any other! The prolonged swirls and distinctive stair railing will catch your guests’ attention in no time.


Sloping Staircase Design

This doesn’t look like your ordinary staircase but it is another unique one. It helps bring out a sophisticated ambiance to your hallway.


Dramatic Staircase Design

Now this one looks like it had grown out of the wooden floor out of nowhere! If you want to achieve the wow-effect to your staircase, here’s a good inspiration on how to!


Metal Staircase Design

This minimalist metal staircase may not seem so easy to walk on but it is definitely a statement piece.

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