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How To Make A Small Backyard Feel Spacious

When it comes landed property homes, I always love the ones with backyards, big or small! There's something about having a backyard that gives the home extra life. I myself spent most of my childhood playing in my backyard with my friends, having lemonade on a hot day as I read a book and bask in the sun or just when I needed some alone time. When it comes to small backyards, landscaping and the interior of usage of the space is what makes the whole thing work. Knowing the right ways to do it can really change the whole feel of your backyard, making it immediately feel spacious and cosy. 


Backyard furniture is so important, it basically helps you plan around it to see what works with the limited space provided. Look for comfortable chairs and keep in mind that because its outdoors it should be something that can survive some wear and tear. Pillows and throw blankets are a great addition but only if you bring them out when in use then take them back in when done.



A small bonfire space is always a good idea. Imagine roasting marshmallows and enjoying Smores on a cold night out, with family and friends as you enjoy the night and each others company. It also adds on to the whole aesthetics of the backyard, making it look a lot bigger than it actually is.


Who says swimming pools are only meant for huge backyards? This small but oh so gorgeous swimming pool is things my dreams are made of! It's a matter of prioritising what you'd like to have in your backyard and allocating the right space for each needs and wants. This one gave priority to having a small swimming pool and even a day bed to relax. Not so much space required, just really structured placements and planning done.



Keep it minimalistic. There's no need to overcrowd a small space, it only makes the whole thing feel cramped and uncomfortable. A clean space requires only simple additions to it and having plants is always a good way to go. It not only adds natural and effortless beauty, but it also gives life and freshens up the space.



If a swimming pool is too much of a commitment but you still want the zen properties that water gives your space, a water feature is the way to go. It's beautiful, doesn't require much space and has that amazing soothing sound that water makes to immediately relax you. A definite win in my books!


A great way to add some greenery to your backyard space is by utilising the walls. Vertical gardens are trending and its easy to see why! It doesn't really take up space and it looks pretty incredible, almost like an art piece or a display. There's so many endless possibilities on how it can work for your space.


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