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How To Create A Dream Beach House Vibe

It's every person who loves the seas dream to have a beach house and without a doubt, it's mine too. Imagine waking up to the sounds of waves crashing to the shore, the salty scent of the sea filling the air and being in a state of absolute relaxation and bliss knowing that the ocean is just a walk down from your home. You may not be able to have just that right now (because where there's a will, there's a way and dreams do come true!) but you can always opt for creating some beach inspired vibes in your current home. Here's how you can create a dream beach house vibe in your own home, effortlessly.



Let's start off with the colour palette you could use. There's so many options and the beach means so many different things to different people. It could be blue skies and beige sands, or a mix of oranges, pink and hues of yellow as the sun sets, or even just ocean blues in a variety of shades. Whichever works best for you, pick a colour combination that showcases the whole concept of the beach. My personal favourite is the combination above, its so soothing and easy to mix and match.



The beach is always full of treasures which is why it's a favourite past time for many to take walks on the beach, you'll never know what you might find especially washed ashore. Many a times shells, dead corals and sea glass gets washed up on the sands and are available to be collected. Do however only take things that aren't actually alive and double check always if its legal at whichever beach you are at. You can also opt for faux resin recreations of shells and stuff to use as decorative pieces. Having these sea-inspired items definitely gives your home an immediate beach vibe.


Add on sea themed decorative pieces that don't necessarily have to be ocean inspired. Cute throw pillows with quotes about the beach, tropical designed decor pieces like the pineapple table centrepiece above, and framed images or photographs of the ocean really do make a statement.



Rattan and earthy toned natural looking furniture really give off an island vibe, making it a must have for your beach themed home. There's something about a white washed room, with details in tones of blue with rattan furniture that screams island holiday.



One of the most amazing things about the beach is the scent of the salty air and water, ultimately relaxing and calming about it all. You may not get the exact smell but you can come pretty darn close with beach inspired scented candles. Being a scent that many love, there's no surprise that most candle making companies have attempted to replicate the scent for their candles. Top it off by displaying it in a glass jar, with sand and shells at the bottom for extra aesthetics.


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