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Home Decor Trends to Expect in 2019

New year, new me: Is the New Year really the only right excuse for change? Well fret not, because we think that if there is a valid excuse for an overhaul or upgrade of our home decor, it is definitely the New Year. We embrace the dawn of 2019 by sharing with our readers a forecast of home decor trends for the year.

1. Show Me Your True Colors

colour of the year 2019

Forest, ocean, natural minerals, and one of last year’s favorites, Pink. This year, we're expecting homeowners to explore more neutral color themes that resonate with nature, even more so than 2018. Living Coral, Night Watch, Blueprint and Metropolitan are colors of the year for 2019. Living Coral is yet another Pink shade, not very different from last year's winners; Millennial Pink & Rose Gold, which give us an idea that color accents for 2019 will not be far off from last year. Night Watch on the other hand, is a luxurious shade of Green, presenting itself as a different and bold entry. Blueprint is a True-Blue shade, described as "warmer than denim and softer than navy", and boasts a concept of timelessness. Metropolitan is a Silvery Gray shade with cool undertones that inspires calmness and comfort, and gray always has been a relatively safe colour. These are highly flexible colours that correspond well with a variety of styles from vintage to geometrical, industrial to minimalistic.

2. Mix & No Match

mix match home decor 2019

Minimalism has not completely overstayed its welcome, but 2019 is expected to spark trends that are a little more wild and colorful. Homeowners are starting to view their homes as blank canvases for them to express their creativity. W
e expect to see a mix  of art pieces and furniture of various colors and styles with accents of metal and natural minerals in walls, floors, and ceilings, geometrical patterns meeting floral designs, and even the return of wallpaper, or wall decals for the minimalist. We will be witnessing artisanal lights complemented by antique frames and art decor, industrial designs (bricks and cement) paired with earthy floral pieces; all in the same room. 

3. Wood is a Concrete Trend

wood homes 2019 home decor
Wooden floors, wooden table tops, wooden kitchen islands, wooden furniture, you name it. Wood is expected to continue its reign as a favorite in the world of home decor. Wooden furnishing also contributes to the ever-growing rustic look that many homeowners desire. Another style with rugged-rustic aesthetic; concrete and cement decor is expected to continue residing in homes alongside wood, but may not make it till the end of 2019.

4. Hello? Hue is it?

pink home bathroom 2019
Based on Pantone's Color of the Year 2019 and 2018; Living Coral and Ultra Violet, we predict that there is going to be a lot of pink and leftover purple subtly and comprehensively hitting home fronts; there will be highlights of pink and purple in furniture, bedding, carpeting, etc... Pink and purple are not just flamboyant hues, but blend well with the expected color themes of this year. Homeowners will have the privilege of adding a splash of vanity and provocativeness to their home decor with various options of pink and purple furniture available.

5. Less is More

wall decals stickers

A trend that will continue to push forward this year is a reduction of clutter. A decade ago, if you walked into a person’s home, you’d find vases, statues, rare figurines, art pieces, etc. displayed in showcases. Not to mention the fake flowers found at every corner of the house and as centre pieces. People have since moved on from less-purposeful display items, now heading in the direction of functionality and simplicity. That is the core of minimalism adopted in recent years. Decluttering will help create more space in our homes, and subsequently require less care and maintenance. Since wallpapers are making a comeback, wall decals would be a great substitute for physically present art pieces and display furniture. Additionally, they are also easily removed and changed.

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