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Hidden Rooms You'll Want To Have

As a child, the Enid Blyton books would have me immersed in whimsical fantasies. Of magic and secret, hidden rooms that would intrigue me. These were special to me.

A little hidden passageway makes a place a little extra special even in your own home. Though not common in most households, it's also not unheard of. With that, I'd like to take you on a journey to some hidden rooms you'll absolutely want to have in your own home now.  



 If this doesn't give you Narnia feels, I don't know what will. Step inside the closet to a whole new world on the other side! It's such a clever idea too, as the cupboard is still functional and useable. Also due to it's sturdy nature, that cupboard isn't easily movable and stays as a concrete placement to hide the door to the room on the other side.





A hidden staircase behind a secret door: every home library should have one of these for sure! This one showcases an image printed on a sliding door, but a sliding cabinet with actual books would be an equally (if not more!) amazing option. Either way, I love the whole concept of hiding a secret stairway that leads up to more books!





Generally hidden rooms and passageways in your home can be an exciting new design concept to introduce into your home, even more so when you can save space and utilise the most of your current living space. Stairs are often bulky and the space below it unused, so this is a perfect way to use up the space by creating a small room under it. It usually is a utility or store space, but this is taking it to a whole new level.





An ingenious entry point to the basement cellar this is! It's almost like it's completely not there and doesn't even give a mild illusion of that. The sturdy design using wooden panels match the floor so perfectly, it truly is a secret. This one gives me a bit of a James Bond mysterious feel.





Another staircase hideaway and this time directly under the stairs themselves! It's perfect for children (not so much for adults as the sizing won't work) and it also let's them explore their creativity and imagination as they play. How wonderful would it be to have a child's imagination and have your own secret room? The ideas are endless!





This simple hideaway works even in basic homes and doesn't require a large bank account. Using a cabinet as an entrance to a secret room is such an easy and cute idea. This works great even for adults who want their own personal space and need a little hideaway from the hustle and bustle of life. I'm sold at how easy it is to create this illusion in any home.

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