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Hello, Peter: Why Releasing The Official “No Way Home” Trailer Was A Smart Move

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Spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home official trailer.

Spider-Man No Way Home


At long last, after months of frustration, worry, and uncertainty (staple characteristics of pandemic living) fans have finally been given a glimpse of what could possibly be the most explosive MCU Spidey flick to date, the trailer for December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It is highly likely that we are not the first ones to say this: The trailer looks freaking awesome!

However, as much as we would like to sit back and begin our analysis of the trailer (which can be found here) and of all the potential plot beats that we could see in the upcoming film based on the evidence provided, we would instead like to shift gears a little and instead explore why the trailer release was a good move on the studio’s part.

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In case you did not know (how could you not), things were not looking up for Sony on Sunday, as an alleged leaked version of the No Way Home trailer surreptitiously surfaced online. Of course, the studio was quick to deny the leaked trailer’s legitimacy, only to then react even quicker to have it taken down before it spread like wildfire all over the internet. Thankfully for the studio, the quality of the leaked trailer was abysmal, giving them some form of comfort in knowing that viewers would possibly be turned off by what they saw in the first few seconds and stop watching, therefore allowing the eager fans to remain unspoiled.

Hence, it was truly an intelligent method of damage control for the studio to go ahead with the official trailer’s release. Up until yesterday, entertainment news has been abuzz with reports that we could expect the No Way Home trailer to drop later this week or the next. However, this surprise release today not only provided us with a genuinely exciting look at Tom Holland’s next outing as the titular web-slinger but also indirectly served as a means to dissipate any momentum built by the leaked trailer. Through this action, the studio has achieved a two-pronged approach: giving the fans what they have been clamoring for, and ending the virality of the awfully pixelated leaked trailer.


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