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Hellblazer: It’s Time We Got A New John Constantine Film

Spoilers for DC Comics, in general.

Hellblazer aka Constantine
Hellblazer, a.k.a. John Constantine

It boggles the mind as to why this is not even a thing yet: a new John Constantine film.

Yes, we have not entirely forgotten about the 2005 action flick titled Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves. As entertaining as that particular iteration of the character was to some, it would not be wrong for us to say that Reeves’ portrayal of the anti-hero amounted to nothing more than a Neo-like persona exploring the Hellblazer universe, trading in his Matrix-style arsenal of guns for crucifixes and an unlimited supply of cigarettes.

And then came the disappointingly short-lived TV show of the same name in 2014 starring Matt Ryan. Although Ryan’s portrayal of the character was lauded as being more comic accurate than that of Reeves’, the first and only season of the show felt a little too tame in its exploration of its occult-related stories, crippling its ability to adequately showcase the uniqueness of who John Constantine is as a character.

There is no polite way to say this: John Constantine, between the pages of a comic book, is and always will be an a*****e.

He is the face audiences should want to punch the moment he enters a scene, a self-serving, narcissistic, vulgar, and completely indifferent human being that pushes the very limits of what it means to be an anti-hero. He is the individual that others would rather risk death than work with, the same man who could con the Devil as easily as he would con a person. And yet, these reasons make the character such a fan favorite, that he should remain a juxtaposed figure fighting for the side of good (albeit reluctantly) in a way that separates him from the more generically motivated superheroes found in comic books is how he has garnered widespread appeal.

This is the true interpretation of Constantine we desperately need on film.

And perhaps, with the recent release of an R-rated The Suicide Squad being well-received by both audiences and critics alike, there is hope that a similar no-holds-barred version of everyone’s treasured foul-mouthed warlock will finally be released for our viewing pleasure.



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