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Ground Trends For Serious Style

While a piece of art or furniture tends to serve as the interest point of any room, what's beneath them can make just as much of a statement.

Whether it's an animal printed carpet in an fresh tone for modish appeal, or a brightly colored rug that gives some serious punch, these usually neglected design elements have the capability to completely transform a space. And well, here are my few takes on an unforgettable space from the ground up.

1. All About Stripes

Did someone say stripes?!?! From the modern to the classic, and you can’t get more classic than black and white stripes. But you can give them an edgy vibe with a geometry or maze-like pattern that pays homage to the power of all the right angles. It is recurrent but undoubtedly timeless, in fashion and decor which is why it’s fun to place it in a totally modern setting for sleek touch!

2. Go Bold Or Nothing

Well I'm no stranger to expressing my love of bold patterns on the staircase. If you have an ordinary staircase at home, any staircase at all, challenge yourself with an exciting example of the confidence on display by those brave enough to go graphic with bold styles on staircase flooring! Allow for some creativity and dare to do something fun!

 3. Mad For Morrocan

Decorating your interiors with Moroccan carpets and rugs is a great way to up your style. Their minimalist, tribal designs complement most interior styles. They make any room cozy and laid back while creating warmth and depth. The term tribal or nomadic rugs immediately conjure up images of exotic Middle Eastern or Central Asian ethnography. In terms of design I tend to think of nomadic rugs as having a complex ornamental repertory of intricate geometric patterns, expressed in a palette of dark, deep colors. 

4. Suit It Up

This Prince of Wales checkered pattern is a classic that would never go out of style. And I think it would look great in both contemporary and minimalist settings!  I love menswear suiting-inspired designs for home decor and it makes a great statement piece, especially when used in unexpected ways, like this.

5. As Graceful As An Antelope

Sorry, cheetahs and leopards. There's a new king of the jungle, in homes, at least. Peek into any number of professionally decorated spaces and you'll find antelope carpets and rugs gracing the floor. Not only is it a great pattern, contemporary and classic, the antelope pattern has proven to be so versatile as it is also kid-proof by being so forgiving with traffic and spills.

I think I might just decide on an antelope carpet or rug for my next home decor!

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